Fundraising is Humbling

Asking for financial help and donations for our adoption is a humbling experience. In our pride, we would love to be able to say that we have planned and put away money for adoption for years, and we’ve got this! That is probably the way we would have tried to go about it, had we done the planning. However, this adoption didn’t come about in our human planning ways. God stepped in, and asked us to step out in faith {Read More}

Puzzle Piece Adoption Fundraiser

  So, as you’ve probably seen by now, I posted our big adoption news last week!  We are super excited, and in the midst of Home Study prep and paperwork.  We are also in the midst of fundraising for our adoption. To get started on raising funds to bring our son home, we are having a HUGE garage sale, and accepting garage sale item donations from local friends to help us raise a good chunk of money for our adoption {Read More}

We Have a Big Announcement!

We are ADOPTING!! Adoption is something the Lord first put on our hearts a little over 10 years ago. The Lord has now brought us to the place where He has made it very clear to us that it is now time for us to grow our family through adoption! In fact, He has specifically put a boy on our hearts that we feel He is calling us to adopt – to be a part of our family forever and ever! We {Read More}

Our Homeschool Day Schedule for Fall 2016

  We are gearing up to get back to {home} school next week.  We are starting our 10th year of homeschooling!!  (Man, that is hard to believe.) Friends often ask me how we set up our day, and what our schedule and routine looks like.   I thought I would share with you what our schedule will look like for this upcoming fall semester.  I always think it’s fun to take a peek into how others set up their homeschool {Read More}


  Working on some fun new changes for the blog!  Bear with me for a little bit, as things might get a little wonky around here.  Hope it wont be long – and the interruption will be well worth it!!  Be back soon!!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Neice

Picture I took last week of my littlest neice – Margot….look at those gorgeous eyes!!

Apologia Live Retreat – Take 1

As you most likely know, I had the opportunity and privelage of attending the Apologia Live Retreat in Austin on Friday Oct 21st, and Saturday Oct 22nd.  And as you’ve already heard me say – I had a wonderful time!  🙂 I was SO extremely blessed by the amazing speakers and their sweet, sweet hearts for the Lord and for the homeschooling mom! I took extensive notes – via twitter!  Lol!  It was super fun live tweeting from the retreat. {Read More}

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday ~ Stripes

I took this photo at the State Fair of Texas a couple weeks ago in the children’s barnyard area!  We had so much fun looking at and petting all of the sweet baby animals!  They weren’t your typical “barnyard” animals – as you can see! I entered this photo into a little contest that is being put on my The Children’s Medical Center of Dalls – and I would be thrilled to get your vote! Related articles {Not So} Wordless {Read More}

Of Apologia and Internet

Here I am, blogging from my iPhone again (or rather-still)! Yep, still no internet in the house! Have I mentioned AT&T DSL totally stinks? Actually that would be the people working for AT&T who don’t have their act together! Seriously! They said ‘you might be without internet for an hour at most.‘ some how that hour has turned into 8 days – and still – NADA! Moral of the story – if you have the option to have Internet other {Read More}

Heading to Apologia Live

I am super excited to be heading for Austin in the morning to attend the Apologia Live conference! Will you be there? I am really looking forward to seeing what God will do in the hearts of homeschool moms at the conference – including my own heart! If you are not attending this Austin event, be sure to follow along on Twitter tomorrow evening and Saturday for encouraging tidbits. Follow hashtag #apologialive or my twitter timeline for live tweets from {Read More}

7 Years of Precious Life

My girl ~ my sweet daughter ~ turned 7 yesterday. (Our Internet has been out all week, so I decided to go ahead and write this from my iPhone. I hope it turns out alright.) Anyone else get all emotional around birthdays? I really can’t help it. And i’m not really talking about crying emotional – but thoughtful, introspective, emotional. I think about their birth-day. Think about the past years we’ve spent with them during their life. Think about how {Read More}

No More Mixer Spills!

Alright, so this might seem a little silly to some….but this was a BIG deal to me today – so I have to share it!! I have this wonderful old Kitchen Aid mixer my grandma gave me several years ago (her old mixer).  I have no idea how old this baby is, but I love it!  It is still working like a champ!  I get so much great use out of it, and I will use it as long as {Read More}

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday – Pumpkin Gardening

The first three pie pumpkins from my garden (they are now completely orange).  Getting ready to cook them up for some yummy fall treats!  I am loving growing pumpkins in my garden.  They are crazy, and taking over my yard – but so neat to grow!  I have at least 5 more that will be ready to pick very soon. A few more pics of the garden {taken on my iPhone}… I started out with 1 tiny row in 1/2 {Read More}

Pinterest Productivity

 Alright, raise your hand if you are totally digging Pinterest! Ok hands down.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Is it not just about the best website ever invented?!  Seriously.  If you are not on it, you are totally missing out. Might I go as far as to say that (*gasp*) it’s even better than facebook?!  Ok, ok, maybe that is a little harsh.  I mean, they are two totally different animals. I guess what I mean about comparing it to Facebook is that unlike {Read More}

Fall Fun!

It’s been super quiet around the blog lately – but not so in real life!  Fall seems to always be one of our busiest times of year.  School is in full swing, the start of extra-curricular activities, fun fall field trips, 3 birthdays coming up, a retreat in my near future, cake decorating, trying to find time to make things for my upcoming craft sale, just to mention SOME of it – and well….you can see why blogging sometimes falls {Read More}