Reflecting on this Past Year

One year ago today, I delivered our little Brendan David at 18.5 weeks, who was already with Jesus.  What a year it has been.  I wish I could say I have been fine, and pulled through beautifully, but the truth is, losing this baby has been the most difficult grief out of our three boys that have been born stillborn between 18-21 weeks.   This year was hard.  Very hard. But even in the hard, God has been so faithful.  He is {Read More}

Felicity’s One Year Old “Sunshine & Rainbows” Birthday Party

4 Months ago, we had Felicity’s One Year Birthday Party.  Since we have called her our “little sunshine” from birth, and she is our sweet little “rainbow baby,”  I decided to go with a “Sunshine & Rainbows” themed birthday party. Here are some photos from her special day… The Food Table.  Rainbow table cloth from Target. All of the Sunshine signs, posters, banners, etc I purchased from this Etsy shop. I made rainbow cupcakes for the guests, and a sun-shiny smash {Read More}

How to Stay Encouraged While Homeschooling

{This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure here} So, you are called to homeschool.  You jump in with both feet (or maybe you feel like you’ve been drug in kicking and screaming).  Either way, your trucking along on this homeschool journey, and then BAM!  You hit the inevitable wall of discouragement, frustration, fear, feeling like a failure, or maybe just wanting to give up. What do you do in those moments?  How do you guard your heart and {Read More}

12 Things I Learned From Our Day at the Beach

While we were in Florida, visiting my grandparents, we had a chance to spend a day at the beach.  We headed to Daytona Beach, as it was the closest to my grandparents house. This was a day with a couple of firsts for our family.  It was Felicity’s first trip to the beach.  It was also all of our (except for my husband’s) first time to swim in the Atlantic Ocean!  We’ve all (minus  baby) swam in the Pacific, the {Read More}

Melts My Heart

One of my favorite things in life right now is watching my big kids love their baby sister. Mopping the floors today, I called upstairs, “Hey Trev…” T: “Yes?” Me: “Could you come down and feed Felicity?” T: “Oh YES!!  {Flies downstairs…} He’s had his baby sis in his life for 7.5 months now, and his enthusiasm for her hasn’t worn off yet. I love it… Just one of the many sweet joys I get  the privilege of experiencing in my {Read More}

Can I Just Say…

My baby is growing up WAY TOO FAST??!! See? What’d I tell ya?! Peace out blog peeps!  

4 Months Old – and a Little Rambling

Life has been extra fun for the past 4 months. I’ve barely blogged since Felicity’s birth. I’m enjoying her SO crazy much! Every time I think about her and how thankful I am for her, an insane amount of joy fills my heart. I can’t even begin to put my thoughts and emotions into words that do them justice. So instead, I enjoy & soak up each sweet, wonderful moment. It still feels like she was just born- but at {Read More}

Felicity Kate’s Birth Story {Part 2 – The Conclusion}

{You can read Part 1 of this store here} It’s driving me NUTS that I haven’t finished this birth story yet!  It’s also driving me nuts that I have been neglecting my blog.  I just have something WAY more fun in my life right now.  She gets quite a bit of my time and attention.  Is it possible to love your baby too much??!  If so – I am totally guilty! So, as I was saying in Part 1… I {Read More}

Introducing Felicity Kate

We welcomed Felicity Kate into the world 9 days ago, on September 14th at 1:33 am – weighing 9lbs, 8oz, and 21 inches long! We are so overjoyed to have her here with us!  She is such a sweet baby and we are enjoying ever second with her!! I’ll post her birth story as soon as I get a little extra time (might be a while 😉 )  God did some amazing things, and it was awesome to see His {Read More}

If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle…

Trevor handed me a story he wrote for me this morning…it’s so awesome I had to share it with you all! If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle by Trevor (9 yrs old) If you give a pregnant mom a pickle, she’ll want some ice cream to go with it.  She will look in the freezer and realize she is out of it.  She she will go to the store and buy some.   She came home and was {Read More}

Just Gettin’ By…

I know it’s been quiet around here.  I haven’t posted since announcing our BIG News! I’ve just been exhausted.  And nauseous.  Just trying to get by each day with the bare minimum….feeding the kids, and teaching school.  Cleaning….what’s that again?  Facebook?  Blah!  Even taking pictures?  No thanks!  I just dont feel like anything much that I usually do.  But I know we must press on with our schoolwork, and so I do.  And food…we have to eat…at least the kids do. {Read More}

BIG News!!!

I am overjoyed to announce that we are expecting again!!  I had a positive pregnancy test on January 6th, soon after we returned from our trip to FL – the perfect New Year’s gift!!  I am so very, unbelievably thankful to the Lord!!  It’s been killing me to keep it a secret from my family, friends, and blog readers as long as I have.  I usually tell the news right away.  I am not one who likes to wait until {Read More}

Apologia Live Retreat ~ Take 2

I hope you enjoyed reading some of the great things we heard at the Apologia Live Retreat Austin in my post about it last week!  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here.  As I said last week – the retreat was awesome!  And I want to share some of my notes & tweets from the event.  May it encourage your heart this week, dear homeschool mom!  And let me tell you – there are also awesome {Read More}

I Have a 9-Year Old!

Alright, so I somewhat crazily ~ on a whim ~ decided to take the plunge and switch my blog from to self-hosted,   It was not easy.   It was highly stress-inducing.   And I am not near finished getting it where I want it.   BUT – I did finally get all of my posts imported over here, and got the blog *somewhat* set-up with something that works temporarily, while I continue to steadily make the finishing {Read More}

Apologia Live Retreat – Take 1

As you most likely know, I had the opportunity and privelage of attending the Apologia Live Retreat in Austin on Friday Oct 21st, and Saturday Oct 22nd.  And as you’ve already heard me say – I had a wonderful time!  🙂 I was SO extremely blessed by the amazing speakers and their sweet, sweet hearts for the Lord and for the homeschooling mom! I took extensive notes – via twitter!  Lol!  It was super fun live tweeting from the retreat. {Read More}