Photography: Small Adjustments Make Big Differences

I know you must already know this, but I’ll say it again just to make sure you do… I love photography.  I am constantly snapping pics – like a mad woman.  Seriously.  My family thinks I am the insane picture taking woman. I brought my camera along on our little neighborhood Thanksgiving Day walk with grandparents.  I snapped several pics as we walked (which I just posted here yesterday). One picture I snapped in two different positions.  It was such a {Read More}

Pinterest Productivity

 Alright, raise your hand if you are totally digging Pinterest! Ok hands down.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Is it not just about the best website ever invented?!  Seriously.  If you are not on it, you are totally missing out. Might I go as far as to say that (*gasp*) it’s even better than facebook?!  Ok, ok, maybe that is a little harsh.  I mean, they are two totally different animals. I guess what I mean about comparing it to Facebook is that unlike {Read More}

Fall Fun!

It’s been super quiet around the blog lately – but not so in real life!  Fall seems to always be one of our busiest times of year.  School is in full swing, the start of extra-curricular activities, fun fall field trips, 3 birthdays coming up, a retreat in my near future, cake decorating, trying to find time to make things for my upcoming craft sale, just to mention SOME of it – and well….you can see why blogging sometimes falls {Read More}

My Week in Photos ~ Camera Phone Friday ~ 9/2/11

  Library Books; Yay Setpember…temps are going down!!; Cats and Homeschool; Ahhh, coffee!; And more coffee – from my sweetheart! (who hates coffee by the way);  Neat sunset;  First day of ballet;  belly rub; Mother-Daughter girls night out (bowling & laser tag), while the boys enjoyed Father-Son boys night out!; Cool Sunrise; Rain (but none at my house );  Rangers, Rangers, Rangers, and more Rangers!  Went to Rangers games on Sat and Sun!!  With a great little Mercy Me concert {Read More}

My Week In Photos {Camera Phone Friday} ~ 8/26/11

1. Moms Smoothie Shop  2. Sister Kitties  3-8. Dallas Cowboys Stadium & Scrimmage  9-10. Cupcakes made my my little chef and I for end of summer party  11. Funny sign I saw at Hobby Lobby  12.  Christmas already at Hobby Lobby  13. Samson getting his cuddle time with T  14. Scratch my belly!  15. snuggling sisters  16.  breakfast!  17. How I used the squash from the garden  18.  My first three garden squash for dinner  19.  Our dobie, Samson  20. {Read More}

Camera Phone Friday – 8/19/11

1.  Spent a couple days swimming this week (last week our pool is open on weekdays)  2. The kids on CrazyLegs at SixFlags  3. The kids on the swings at SixFlags  4. The kids w/Sylvester at 6Flags (last week they are open on weekdays too!)  5. The kids w/ Bugs at 6Flags  6. Six Flags  7.  It was a little toasty the day we went to 6Flags  8. All of us w/ Bugs  9. The kids recieved their first issue {Read More}

My week in Photos {Camera Phone Friday} ~ 7/29/11

What a week it’s been!  Lots of pics were shared (and I whittled it down a lot too!!)  We had such a fabulous time on our trip to Sky Valley, GA last week!  And this week has been filled with getting back into the swing of things – and homeschooling!      1.  Sweet snuggling sister kitties;  2. Helen, GA;  3. The kids in the Hilton lobby, dwntwn Jackson, MS;  4. My sweet handsome car-packer husband;  5.  It’s been kind {Read More}

BIG News!

Come on now, not THAT kind of news (although a girl can hope)!   I have added an extension to Boasting In My Weakness.  If you turn you eyes to the top of my blog you might notice a new tab titled “BIMW Photography.”  If you click on that tab you will find a photo to click on that will take you to a new blog that I have created as an extension of Boasting In My Weakness.  This new {Read More}