Of Baby Loss and Infertility

Today, February 3, 2011, my little Noah Matthew would be 3 years old, had he made it to his due date.  It got me thinking about how it has been a really long time since I have talked about our baby boys on the blog.  It also got me thinking about how I have not really shared anything about our struggle with infertility for the past almost 2 years.  I don’t talk about it, so I imagine friends either (a.)think {Read More}

Losing Our Baby – Part Two

     So, back at home we sat down with the kids to tell them the news.  We had anticipated it would be very difficult for both of them to take.  We knew for Trevor it was going to hit him hard because he remembers losing Noah and still misses him.  Zoe was 2 – almost 3 when Noah died and it didn’t make as big of an impact on her at that age.  I am not sure she fully remembers.  {Read More}

I Can’t Believe I Am Writing This Again…

     I don’t even want to write this post, but I have to.  Let me first say that I am simply going to give the details of what happened for now, and I will write more in the days/weeks ahead.      It all began last weekend when I started having this overwhelming feeling something was wrong with the baby.  I was concerned because I hadn’t yet felt the baby move, and I was 19 weeks along.  I figured that with my 4th baby, {Read More}

One Year Anniversary of our Baby Noah’s Birth/Death

**Updated to add:  I found my camera cord, and have added the photos to the end of the post now!**    I can not believe it has already been a year since I gave birth to our sweet little baby Noah, who was no longer alive.  It will actually be one year this Sunday, Sept 21st.       Here are the links to the posts I wrote about a year ago when we were going through this very sad time… Post #1 – the {Read More}

My original due date is quickly approaching…

…and things are stirring up emotionally inside of me all over again! I haven’t posted about losing our baby, Noah Matthew, since October.   And I have been fine for the most part.  Celebrating Trevor & Zoe’s birthdays, Thanskgiving, Christmas, and New Years have all kept me busy and kept my mind off of things.  But now that my original due date is less than a month away, things are getting harder again.  He was due on Feb. 3rd, and we lost him on Sept. {Read More}

Wave of Light – October 15th, 2007

       Each year on October 15th, a special day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance is celebrated.  That is this coming Monday!!!  I want to help spread the word for this special day of remembrance…feel free to spread the word too!  Thanks Tamara for the info. 🙂  Go to www.october15th.com for more details! There webiste states: “Remembering Our Babies was created to provide support, education and awareness for those who are suffering or may know someone who has suffered a {Read More}

Our baby was born…

…at 6am on Friday, September 21, 2007.  This will be my only post this week.   I need a little break from blogging.  But I wanted to give an update from where I left off on my last post.     We went in at 7pm Thursday night.  Our pastor surprised us and was already at the hospital.  Jared talked with him while the nurse began to get me all prepped.  Then Jared and our pastor came in.  Our pastor read Psalm 31 {Read More}

A Quick Update

   Thank you to everyone who has been and is praying for us!  I want to share a quick update on our baby.     Yesterday (Wednesday) we went back to the doctor for another sonogram, to make sure there was no mistake before we took any further steps.  The sonogram confirmed that the baby is no longer alive.  We will be going into the hospital tonight (Thursday) to begin induction.  My midwife said it can take anywhere from 1-2 days {Read More}

Praise You in this Storm and Prayer Request

   I am posting another Casting Crowns video, with a song that has been in my heart for the past few days, “Praise You in this Storm.”  It just describes so perfectly how I feel right now, and speaks to my heart with what I am going through.  This is a live version at  a concert, where they first explain the inspiration behind the song, which I really enjoyed listening to.    I also have a prayer request.  Tomorrow we {Read More}

Bring the Rain

    A friend sent me this video with a very kind encouraging note.  I love this song, and wanted to share it.  It is a good reminder of where my focus needs to be during this time of grief and sadness, and that all of us should be focused on God, and His glory when facing trials in life!   

My Heart is Hurting

    Yeserday started out as an exciting day for our family.  It was my 19 1/2 week check up and sonogram.  We were all ready and excited to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  Family and friends were also waiting to hear the news.  The kids went with us to the doctor to see the baby on the tv – Trevor waiting to find out he has a new baby brother, and Zoe waiting to {Read More}

Pregnancy Complications *Update*

   4 weeks ago I posted about God completely amazing me during this pregnancy!  I have had a complicated pregnancy so far, fearing I was losing, or going to lose this baby.  Here is a little update from what I last wrote.    First of all, the “complications” (what seemed to be a miscarriage), I have had from week 5 up until week 11 stopped at the end of last week!  Praise God for that!  Please pray that they would not {Read More}

God’s Grace & Pregnancy Complications

   I found out almost 4 weeks ago that we are expecting baby number 3.  So far, this has been the strangest pregnancy I have ever had.  I haven’t posted about this yet, because I just wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say about it, but I think it is about time!     About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I started having some complications (when I was 5 weeks along).  My very first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and I {Read More}

Children are a Reward from Him!

 “Sons are a heritage from the LORD,        children a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3 ….And the Lord has graciously rewarded us again!!    For almost a year now, my husband and I have been praying about the Lord’s timing/will on when to have another child.  Monday, we found out we are expecting our third child!  We are so excited! I am only about 4 1/2 weeks along right now, but I just can’t contain the news, and have to announce {Read More}