I Miss Blogging

Life is busy.  Wonderfully busy.  I am enjoying this season, with all of it’s new and exciting changes.  It is so much fun having a baby in our home again.  She is such a joy.  The big kids adore her.  We all adore her.  We lovingly call her our little sunshine.  In fact, I finally decided on a theme for her room.  “Sunshine.”  Slowly, but surely I’m working on creating her sunshine room.  I’ve been collecting some fun ideas on {Read More}

Of Apologia and Internet

Here I am, blogging from my iPhone again (or rather-still)! Yep, still no internet in the house! Have I mentioned AT&T DSL totally stinks? Actually that would be the people working for AT&T who don’t have their act together! Seriously! They said ‘you might be without internet for an hour at most.‘ some how that hour has turned into 8 days – and still – NADA! Moral of the story – if you have the option to have Internet other {Read More}

Around Here Lately

I know my posts have been few and far between lately.  So, I thought I would post a little update on what is going on around here! 🙂 Jared and I got back from our belated 10th anniversary trip to Riviera Maya,  just 2 weeks ago.  Since then we’ve just been playing catch up and living life! Zoe finished Kindergarten last week – yay Zoe!!  She is now my budding little reader and writer!!  And since we are moving into {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/1/11

{If you are visiting from the UBP11 – you can find my party post HERE!} I’ve been slacking on my weekly wrap-up posts lately.  I’ve been slacking on blogging lately!  Trying to fix that! So this week in our lives, I guess the main highlight was pneumonia.  Yeah, kind of a bum highlight.  But it is what it is, and it’s what I’ve been recovering from all week.  Which doesn’t make room for much else in life, but recovering! This {Read More}

New Look

If you are viewing this post by email or reader, click on over and come to the blog directly.  I’ve changed the look of things, and  I did it on my own, without paying for a new blog design – woohooo! 🙂  I am pretty excited! How do you like it?

Get Blogging

I either need to start blogging on this blog or give it up for good!!  And I am not ready to give it up, so I guess I better start blogging!!  🙂 So,  September.  Wow, what do I even say.  It was a wild month.  I think if I even began to list all that I did in September,  I would give you – and myself – a headache.  So I will just say, it was busy…extremely busy… the end. {Read More}


   I know my blog has been pretty quiet lately.  We are just enjoying the  summer!  I plan on our summer break being pretty short this year, so I am trying to fit a lot of fun into a short amount of time.  Our school year ended June 12th, and I plan to start our new school year back up on August 3rd.  I want to start a month earlier than usual so that hopefully I can plan some extra breaks throughout {Read More}

One of THOSE Days

Today is one of those days.   One of those days when my sin feels like it is taking over.  I am grumpy, easily angered…every little thing is getting under my skin.  I even spent time with the Lord this morning and still…. And to top it off, we have been given another big life trial…and I am not handling any of it well.  I received this Elisabeth Elliot devotional in my email today, and it fits perfectly for what I am dealing with {Read More}

A Quiet Week

   Hi all!  It has been quiet on my blog this week, I know.  Not that I ever write a whole lot!  But just thought I would pop in with a quick post.     I have been sick pretty much all week with some sort of (I think) flu.  That is just my self-diagnosis.  I have been miserable feeling, with lots of sinus stuff, and so tired I could hardly stay awake!  My sweet sweet husband took one of his {Read More}