We Have a Big Announcement!

We are ADOPTING!! Adoption is something the Lord first put on our hearts a little over 10 years ago. The Lord has now brought us to the place where He has made it very clear to us that it is now time for us to grow our family through adoption! In fact, He has specifically put a boy on our hearts that we feel He is calling us to adopt – to be a part of our family forever and ever! We {Read More}

Tornado Devastation

As I am sure you all know by now, much of the southeast was ravaged by tornadoes yesterday.  Included in the destructive path of one of these large tornadoes, was one of my favorite bloggers – Kelly, from Generation Cedar.  She is a fellow Christian, homeschooling mom.  She just had her 9th baby a couple of weeks ago, and now, their house has been completely destroyed by the tornado.  Click here to read more about the details. {Photo Credit: Generation {Read More}

So Much On My Mind

   It is hard to even know what to write or where to begin!  Since our baby was born a little over 2 months ago, I have had several doctor appointments and lots and lots of waiting to find out results!    I will try to sum it all up and make it as short as possible!  I have had the same dr.  for all 5 of my pregnancies, since 2001.  But it seemed she was pretty unwilling, or I guess {Read More}

Popping In…

…to say a quick hello!  I have been pretty quiet around here lately.  I have a LOT on my mind.  I started a post last weekend about what is going with me right now, but never finished, and decided not to post it.  I will just say, if you think of it, please pray for me.  I will post more details later!! And just for fun, here are a couple pictures of the kids on some of our recent field trips!    

Chapmans on Larry King

  Have you had a chance to watch the Chapmans interview on Larry King Live yet?  If you haven’t – you must!!  But before you start, grab a box of tissues.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…… ……did you get them?  Ok, good!  (If you didn’t you will soon regret it !)  Now, here are all pieces of the interview in order…and then be sure to watch Larry Kings response to it all at the end! Larry King’s response After the Show We {Read More}

Pray for the Chapman Family

   Oh, my heart is so broken for the Steven Curtis Chapman family.  Their youngest daughter, 5-year old Maria, died tragically    After I found out, I told my children, because they love the Cinderella song, and have listened to him talk about why he wrote it on You Tube.  I told them we should pray for them, so Zoe went first, and when it was my turn, I could hardly hold myself together as I prayed through tears and {Read More}

The Lord’s Prayer by a 2 Year Old

My Mother in law sent this to me in an email forward….it is TOO ADORABLE!!! 

Help Protect North Korean Refugees!

Hi Friends!  I received this email this morning, and would like to share it with you!  This is very important!  Please read and take action!! – Katie    As I wrote to you a few weeks ago, a very important letter will be circulated to the members of Congress for their signature in just a few days. The letter is from our U.S. Representatives to Hu Jintao, the President of the People’s Republic of China. You will find a copy of {Read More}

My original due date is quickly approaching…

…and things are stirring up emotionally inside of me all over again! I haven’t posted about losing our baby, Noah Matthew, since October.   And I have been fine for the most part.  Celebrating Trevor & Zoe’s birthdays, Thanskgiving, Christmas, and New Years have all kept me busy and kept my mind off of things.  But now that my original due date is less than a month away, things are getting harder again.  He was due on Feb. 3rd, and we lost him on Sept. {Read More}

Our baby was born…

…at 6am on Friday, September 21, 2007.  This will be my only post this week.   I need a little break from blogging.  But I wanted to give an update from where I left off on my last post.     We went in at 7pm Thursday night.  Our pastor surprised us and was already at the hospital.  Jared talked with him while the nurse began to get me all prepped.  Then Jared and our pastor came in.  Our pastor read Psalm 31 {Read More}

A Quick Update

   Thank you to everyone who has been and is praying for us!  I want to share a quick update on our baby.     Yesterday (Wednesday) we went back to the doctor for another sonogram, to make sure there was no mistake before we took any further steps.  The sonogram confirmed that the baby is no longer alive.  We will be going into the hospital tonight (Thursday) to begin induction.  My midwife said it can take anywhere from 1-2 days {Read More}

Praise You in this Storm and Prayer Request

   I am posting another Casting Crowns video, with a song that has been in my heart for the past few days, “Praise You in this Storm.”  It just describes so perfectly how I feel right now, and speaks to my heart with what I am going through.  This is a live version at  a concert, where they first explain the inspiration behind the song, which I really enjoyed listening to.    I also have a prayer request.  Tomorrow we {Read More}

Bring the Rain

    A friend sent me this video with a very kind encouraging note.  I love this song, and wanted to share it.  It is a good reminder of where my focus needs to be during this time of grief and sadness, and that all of us should be focused on God, and His glory when facing trials in life!   

My Heart is Hurting

    Yeserday started out as an exciting day for our family.  It was my 19 1/2 week check up and sonogram.  We were all ready and excited to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  Family and friends were also waiting to hear the news.  The kids went with us to the doctor to see the baby on the tv – Trevor waiting to find out he has a new baby brother, and Zoe waiting to {Read More}

Remembering September 11th

   As I remembered 9/11 this morning, I enjoyed reading this article by John Piper, on the Desiring God website, and wanted to share it with you:  Three 9/11’s We Need to Know How to Mark and Honor This Day In remembrance and prayer today for the families of the 2,986 people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.