Teach Your Kids How to Have a Quiet Time

Today I am over at the Teach Them Diligently Blog talking about teaching your kids how to have a quiet time.  Head on over there to read the whole post….   About a year and a half ago I began to think about what a huge blessing it would be to my kids if I taught them how to have a quiet time.  What does that mean?  What does it look like?  How do you do it?   ….To read this {Read More}

FREE New Ebook ~ 31 Days of Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom

Are you a homeschool mom in need of a little encouragement on your journey?  Or do you know someone who is? I am thrilled to share this wonderfully encouraging new resource with you!  Candace from His Mercy is New along with the help of Amanda Pelser  compiled 31 encouraging and inspiring articles from several Teach Them Diligently bloggers – and the result…this amazing new ebook created to encourage the hearts of homeschool moms. I am humbled and grateful to play a small {Read More}

Hope for the Lonely

He sits in the cold, sterile hospital room, holding her hand, waiting for those inevitable words from the doctor. “I am sorry sir…she’s gone.” His heart aches with unimaginable pain as he watches the third person he has loved so deeply in his 80 years of life, pass away from this monster disease. Cancer. First, the wife of his youth, and mother of his 2 children. Next his oldest child, his best friend, his son. And now his dearly loved {Read More}

How to Stay Encouraged While Homeschooling

{This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure here} So, you are called to homeschool.  You jump in with both feet (or maybe you feel like you’ve been drug in kicking and screaming).  Either way, your trucking along on this homeschool journey, and then BAM!  You hit the inevitable wall of discouragement, frustration, fear, feeling like a failure, or maybe just wanting to give up. What do you do in those moments?  How do you guard your heart and {Read More}

I Can’t but He Can

  I can’t get up early.  I’m not a morning person. I can’t blog. I don’t know what to say. I can’t decide what homeschool curriculum to use next year.  There are too many choices. I can’t clean my house.  It’s too discouraging how fast it gets messy again. I can’t spend time with the Lord.  I don’t have time. I can’t love my husband.  Do you know what he just did? I can’t listen to a second more of {Read More}

Scripture Sunday – 11/20/11

For scripture Sunday this week, I thought I’d share the passage my son Trevor  taught during his Karate class a week ago.  It was such a blessing to witness him be so bold.  From signing up to teach a Bible study (without any prompting what-so-ever from us), to getting up in front of 2 Karate classes, full of adults and children to proclaim God’s word, teaching it verse by verse to the class – it was something to truly be {Read More}

Women’s Retreat ~ Radical Womanhood: Session 1

   Wow!  The Women’s Retreat was awesome!  I had looked forward to it so much, and it was even better than I had imagined!    Our speaker was Carolyn McCulley.  She has a blog, which can be found here.  Our conference was based on her new book, Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World, which is being released on October 1st! (I can’t wait to get a copy)!    I would like to share a little of what she taught us {Read More}

Preparing for Women’s Retreat this weekend!

   This afternoon I am heading out for an overnight women’s retreat!  Our church has a yearly one with our sister church (along with a few other churches that send some women too)!  I am so excited!  I go to these every year, and just love the refreshing time of learning from God’s word and fellowshipping with other women!     At this year’s conference our guest speaker will be Carolyn McCulley, speaking on ‘Radical Womanhood: Feminine faith in a Feminist {Read More}

BIMW Giveaway #2 ~ Shopping For Time

FINAL UPDATE:  I did hear from Sarah last night, and she is now our confirmed winner!  A huge congrats to her!!  Sorry to #33 if I got your hopes up!  🙂   UPDATE:  Hi to all of my giveaway participants!!  I am still waiting to hear back from Sarah Berry!  I will be awarding the prize to the next person on the random number list if I have not heard back from her by the end of today (August 6th)!  {Read More}

Priorities and the Home

   One of my biggest struggles in life is priorities.  Just ask my husband.   When we pray together at night and he asks what areas of my life I need prayer in, the one constant request I have (and have had for years) is that God would keep my priorities in line.  It would be nice if one day I could say, “you know, I really don’t need prayer for my priorities anymore!”  But I believe this is just one (of the many) areas of {Read More}

One of THOSE Days

Today is one of those days.   One of those days when my sin feels like it is taking over.  I am grumpy, easily angered…every little thing is getting under my skin.  I even spent time with the Lord this morning and still…. And to top it off, we have been given another big life trial…and I am not handling any of it well.  I received this Elisabeth Elliot devotional in my email today, and it fits perfectly for what I am dealing with {Read More}

The Excellent Wife – Right/Wrong Desires

   One book I am currently reading is The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace.  I had started this book a couple years ago, but only got a few chapters into it, and never finished it.  So probably a couple months ago I picked it back up again and started all over.  I love to read great books to encourage me and convict me in my walk with the Lord.  However, I usually read them slowly, as I have time.  If {Read More}


I just saw this video at Desiring God, and had to share it!  It is Pastor John Piper’s explanation of Ephesians 1 ~ God’s purpose in predestining us to adoption…and how that relates to us adopting children.

Celebrating Christ’s Resurrection ~ #1

   This will be the first of a series of posts that I will be putting up now until Easter Sunday!  Easter is quickly approaching!  It will be on Sunday, March 23rd this year.  Palm Sunday is on March 16th, and Good Friday is on March 21st.      I have done a lot of research on finding Christ-centered holiday celebrations for the Lenten/Easter season (along with other holidays), so I would like to share many of the ideas I have found in {Read More}

John Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

I saw this on a blog I enjoy reading and just had to share it – it is so true!! I LOVED it!