Happy Easter!!

In Celebration of Christ’s Resurrection….a couple of my favorites!

The Writer of “It is Well With My Soul”

Thanks Kathy for sharing this link with me!! Watch this video explaining the life experiences of the writer of “It is Well”  It is so sad to hear of what he went through, yet so amazing how God so graciously brought him through it all, and brought this famous hymn out of it!

There Will Be a Day

Love this song!  (PS.  Let me know if you are unable to view this…I am having some computer issues!)

Sara Groves

  One of my ultimate favorite music artists is Sara Groves.  I love her rich, deep & passionate song lyrics.  Her love and passion for God and for people is so apparent through her songs.     Jared bought me her newest CD Tell Me What You Know, for either Christmas or my bday (in Nov) I can’t remember which.  I have been listening to it a lot in the car, and am really enjoying many of the songs on this cd, {Read More}