Weekly Wrap-Up {Instagram Style} 12/17/11

  It’s been a great – and busy – week around here! We began our official “Homeschool Christmas Break 2011” on Wednesday!  We will be taking 3.5 weeks off for our break.  During our break, we will be heading to FL soon for some fun with grandparents/great-grandparents, plus a little Disney action while we are there.  😉  SO looking forward to that!! I have had a lot of niece and nephew time in the past week!  My toddler nephews from {Read More}

Camera Phone Friday – 12/9/11

  1.) Cousins playing kitchen;  2.) Cute little nephew munchkins hanging out with us today;  3.) What were reading for our school read aloud right now;  4.) Brrrr!  Cold Texas week!;  5.)Watching Charlie Brown Christmas – best part!;  6.) The kids with their finished orange ornament advent craft;  7-8.) working hard on their orange ornaments;  9.)  Family Game Night (advent activity);  10.)  JOY!;  11.) Zoe was in the lead!;  12.)  Advent reading – Tabitha’s Travels;  13.)My Tanzanian Nativity set Jared {Read More}

Our Advent Countdown Activity Calendar

I found this great Advent Activity Calendar on Pinterest this week and knew it was the ONE for us! The tutorial can be found HERE at The Crafting Chicks! I printed out their cute numbers from their site for mine.  Everything else on mine is a tad different.  I couldn’t find the library envelopes they suggested, so I made my own out of sparkly Christmas cardstock! Here is our version: Oh, be sure to wave “hi” to my kitty, Lucy. {Read More}

Twas a Great Thanksgiving

We had a lovely little Thanksgiving celebration in our home today.  My mom and her husband came.  My husband’s grandparents also came.  I didn’t take many pics of our celebration since I was a little busy cooking and cleaning! But, here are a few to share… Our Thanksgiving table, set with my grandma’s 65 year old china {Love} A little post-meal walk with great-grandparents & Nana A couple of cute Thanksgiving Day kiddos on our walk… LOVE those sweet kids! {Read More}

7 Years of Precious Life

My girl ~ my sweet daughter ~ turned 7 yesterday. (Our Internet has been out all week, so I decided to go ahead and write this from my iPhone. I hope it turns out alright.) Anyone else get all emotional around birthdays? I really can’t help it. And i’m not really talking about crying emotional – but thoughtful, introspective, emotional. I think about their birth-day. Think about the past years we’ve spent with them during their life. Think about how {Read More}

Fall Fun!

It’s been super quiet around the blog lately – but not so in real life!  Fall seems to always be one of our busiest times of year.  School is in full swing, the start of extra-curricular activities, fun fall field trips, 3 birthdays coming up, a retreat in my near future, cake decorating, trying to find time to make things for my upcoming craft sale, just to mention SOME of it – and well….you can see why blogging sometimes falls {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sky Valley, GA

Wordless Wednesday – Summertime


Wordless Wednesday – 4th of July Edition!

Happy 4th of July 2011!!

    Love, BoastingInMyWeakness.com

Weekly Wrap-Up – 6/17/11

In my life this week… Hotness, heat, hot, hot, hot!!  It’s been hot here this week.  So, we enjoyed some heat-beating activities – the Splash Pad, and the Lake Beach – lots of water fun with great friends & fam! In our homeschool this week… Trevor graduated 3rd grade!  Congrats Trev!  Now, we’ll be taking a very small break, doing a little pre-new-year planning, and then jumping right back into our 1st and 4th grade school year! (Since the month {Read More}

Around Here Lately

I know my posts have been few and far between lately.  So, I thought I would post a little update on what is going on around here! 🙂 Jared and I got back from our belated 10th anniversary trip to Riviera Maya,  just 2 weeks ago.  Since then we’ve just been playing catch up and living life! Zoe finished Kindergarten last week – yay Zoe!!  She is now my budding little reader and writer!!  And since we are moving into {Read More}

Family Time Memories – Winter Camp-out

This past weekend, we had our first ever indoor campout!  It couldn’t have come at a better time, either. After a day full of fun in the SNOW, we got to cozy up and relax with an awesome family campout in our nice warm house! We got it all set up in our upstairs game/school room. The kids had fun getting their sleeping bags set up just right around mommy and daddy’s air mattress (which had mostly deflated by morning {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Celebration Idea #1

{Image: hinnamsaisuy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net}   To celebrate Valentine’s Day here at the blog, I thought I would share some Valentine’s Day celebration ideas over the next week and a half leading up to the big day.  I hope to share some ideas for celebrating with kids, and also celebrating as a couple, so stay tuned! This first idea I got from a friend, and we did it for the first time a couple of years ago.  The kids loved it! {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday ~ Texas Freeze!

Enjoying some of our snow yesterday!  Brrrr, it is cold here!  About 12 degrees at the moment.  This is supposed to be Texas people!  🙂