A Fun Field Trip & Meeting New Friends

So, last week we had a fun day of meeting some fellow-homeschooling instagram friends IRL! SUPER FUN! It was so much fun to get together with several other homeschool moms and kids in our area, that we had never met before, and just hang out, have fun, learn a little, & even enjoy a little picnic lunch. What a blessing! The kids really enjoyed it too. Hopefully we will be doing it again soon!   Our fearless leader was the {Read More}

A Day in the Life of our Homeschool – {*Not* Back-to-School Blog Hop}

    We have entered our 6th year of homeschooling this year.  It took the first 3 years or so to really find my groove and figure out my “style” for what works best for us in homeschooling routines.  I still don’t have it all figured out.   I have found that I am a focused and driven homeschool mom – while also being relaxed & laid back, and not letting disturbances in the plan bother me.  It is a {Read More}

2012-2013 Homeshchool Year Student Photos – {*Not* Back-to-School Blog Hop}

Since we go by a year-round schooling schedule, we began our new homeschool year about mid-July this year. Here are our first day of school pics for our 2012-2013 school year!! And it just wouldn’t be real without a goofy one… Linking up with:

Our School Room – {*Not* Back-to-School Blog Hop}

I’ve tried the school room route, and I’ve tried the kitchen table route.  For us, the school room has worked best.  Having a place dedicated to school, a place we could retreat to for our school time, has made our school years run so much more smoothly.  I know that for some having a whole room just might not be possible, while for others, they prefer schooling at the kitchen table.  I am a firm believer that each family has {Read More}

Our Curriculum for 2012-2013 {*Not* Back-to-School Blog Hop}

I am going to be posting this month with the “2012 Not Back-to-School Blog Hop” going on over at iHomeschool Network.  For the first week of the hop, the topic is curriculum. For the past 4 out of 5 homeschool years, we have been using Heart of Dakota for our homeschool curriculum.   I adore this curriculum for our family!  I love it’s Christ-centeredness, ease of use, planned out lessons, richness in literature, and so much more!  So, this year, {Read More}

Developing a Love for Reading in Your Child

As I stepped into the role of mother, almost 10 years ago, one thing I knew I wanted to instill in my children was a love for reading.  I became convinced of the great importance of this while in college studying elementary education. (More on that in a moment) I personally did not read frequently as a child, and for the most part, I did not enjoy it.  I usually only read if I had to for school.  I had {Read More}

Weekly Wrap-up/Homeschool Mother’s Journal – 5/25/12

In my life this week… It’s been a week full of life as usual…school, school, school!   However, we are in for a busy, fun-filled Memorial Day weekend. In our homeschool this week… We’ve been truckin’ along…finishing up Trevor’s 4th grade, and Zoe’s 1st grade school years.  We will be done pretty soon, and will just dive right into their 2nd and 5th grade curriculum!  I plan to school straight through this summer with small breaks here and there when {Read More}

Surviving the Homeschool Bookfair

This weekend is the annual Homeschool Bookfair I attend in my area.  One of my favorite parts of my homeschooling year!  I thought I’d share a post I wrote last year titled “Homeschool Bookfair Survival Guide.”   Some of my favorite tips to enjoying the bookfair….     Have you ever been to a homeschool bookfair?  They can be totally crazy and completely overwhelming!!  But they can also be a great resource and a huge blessing to a homeschool mom. {Read More}

Baking Christmas Cookies

I love decorating Christmas Cookies with my kids.  It is so much fun now that they are at ages where they can do most of it on their own.  They really love getting to do this! Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Christmas Photo Fun

A little Christmas Photo Fun from our 2011 Christmas season…     How is your 2011 Christmas celebration going?    

Weekly Wrap-Up {Instagram Style} 12/17/11

  It’s been a great – and busy – week around here! We began our official “Homeschool Christmas Break 2011” on Wednesday!  We will be taking 3.5 weeks off for our break.  During our break, we will be heading to FL soon for some fun with grandparents/great-grandparents, plus a little Disney action while we are there.  😉  SO looking forward to that!! I have had a lot of niece and nephew time in the past week!  My toddler nephews from {Read More}

Our Advent Countdown Activity Calendar

I found this great Advent Activity Calendar on Pinterest this week and knew it was the ONE for us! The tutorial can be found HERE at The Crafting Chicks! I printed out their cute numbers from their site for mine.  Everything else on mine is a tad different.  I couldn’t find the library envelopes they suggested, so I made my own out of sparkly Christmas cardstock! Here is our version: Oh, be sure to wave “hi” to my kitty, Lucy. {Read More}

Advent: A Season of Waiting and Anticipation

The Advent season is upon us. One of my favorite times of the year. There are always so many things I want to do during this time.  I often choose to try to do too many of them, and end up doing none of them very well.  Can you relate? As a mom, my responsibility and privelage is to point my children to Christ day in and day out.  At Christmas time it is a joy and delight to make {Read More}

Giving Thanks

I tend to get so busy this time of year.  Sometimes it is hard to remember to pause the busyness, and be intentional in our daily lives.   This morning, I totally last minute threw together our thankful tree.   It’s not too late…you can too!   I love this yearly tradition we do in our family that causes us to take time to recognize all we have to be thankful to God for each and every day of the {Read More}

November News

I’ve been so busy working on my new blog design this month I haven’t found much time to post!  However, working on all of the behind the scenes stuff makes me want to get to the fun part – writing! If you are viewing this post on my actual blog page right now,  you will notice things are VERY different around here.  You will also notice that I am not finished.   Like that ‘fun’ peachy/pink stripe border on the {Read More}