Hope for the Lonely

He sits in the cold, sterile hospital room, holding her hand, waiting for those inevitable words from the doctor. “I am sorry sir…she’s gone.” His heart aches with unimaginable pain as he watches the third person he has loved so deeply in his 80 years of life, pass away from this monster disease. Cancer. First, the wife of his youth, and mother of his 2 children. Next his oldest child, his best friend, his son. And now his dearly loved {Read More}

How to Stay Encouraged While Homeschooling

{This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure here} So, you are called to homeschool.  You jump in with both feet (or maybe you feel like you’ve been drug in kicking and screaming).  Either way, your trucking along on this homeschool journey, and then BAM!  You hit the inevitable wall of discouragement, frustration, fear, feeling like a failure, or maybe just wanting to give up. What do you do in those moments?  How do you guard your heart and {Read More}

I Can’t but He Can

  I can’t get up early.  I’m not a morning person. I can’t blog. I don’t know what to say. I can’t decide what homeschool curriculum to use next year.  There are too many choices. I can’t clean my house.  It’s too discouraging how fast it gets messy again. I can’t spend time with the Lord.  I don’t have time. I can’t love my husband.  Do you know what he just did? I can’t listen to a second more of {Read More}

Mom Heart Conference 2011

I wanted to let you know that the annual Mom Heart Conference is coming up soon!  See the flyer here for dates and prices at an area near you!  Also, click HERE to go to the website for more details or to sign up!  I personally have never been, but have friends who have gone and loved it!  I would love to get to experience it myself. (Click on the flyer and then click on it again to see it {Read More}

Mark Driscoll on Twilight

Watch this – a great way to spend 10 minutes of your day.  My thoughts and feelings on the subject of Twilight exactly, and put together in such a fun, humorous way by Mark Driscoll.  I know I am in the minority, even among Christians in a day and age where everyone around me seems to think this is just good clean fun.  It is nice to be reaffirmed that I am not a crazy prudish Christian who needs to {Read More}

The Mundane

Love this quote from Carolyn Mahaney on the Girl Talk Blog.  Dear homemaker, wife, mother…May it encourage your heart today, as it does mine: I got out of bed each morning so that I could do everything I did the day before. I washed the dishes so they could be dirtied again. I ironed the clothes so they could be worn and wrinkled again I wiped noses so they could run again. I picked up toys so they could be {Read More}

Priorities in Motherhood

   I wanted to point out a series over at the Girl Talk blog right now on mothering our children.  It is so awesome and convicting!  I encourage you to read these posts for a reminder and a maybe a little kick in the pants regarding your role as a mother!  I am convicted and encouraged. I think we can all use a little reminder sometimes… The Gospel for Busy Moms Pay Attention A Question of Priorities First Things First {Read More}

Women’s Retreat ~ Radical Womanhood: Session 1

   Wow!  The Women’s Retreat was awesome!  I had looked forward to it so much, and it was even better than I had imagined!    Our speaker was Carolyn McCulley.  She has a blog, which can be found here.  Our conference was based on her new book, Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World, which is being released on October 1st! (I can’t wait to get a copy)!    I would like to share a little of what she taught us {Read More}

The Excellent Wife – Right/Wrong Desires

   One book I am currently reading is The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace.  I had started this book a couple years ago, but only got a few chapters into it, and never finished it.  So probably a couple months ago I picked it back up again and started all over.  I love to read great books to encourage me and convict me in my walk with the Lord.  However, I usually read them slowly, as I have time.  If {Read More}

No Love Without Grief

“Tell us, fool, who knows more of love–the one who has joys from it or the one who has trials and griefs? He answered: There cannot be any knowledge of love without both of them.(Ramon Lull, The Book of the Lover and the Beloved) When I imagine that I want to learn to love God–and to love my husband and others whom God has given me to love–let me test the desire of my willingness to accept trial and grief. {Read More}

Moms Of Grace

  Last night I found a great new forum community called “Moms of Grace” administrated by the ladies of Faith Lifts.  Here is the invitation they extend on their site:  So, with that said, we invite you to join us at Moms of Grace (even if you are a mom of grown children!). We pray that it blesses you, and brings friendships into your life that you would have otherwise missed out on. Our desire for this new project is for it to {Read More}