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I decided to join in on the fun little summer craft-along over at Brassy Apple!

I usually use patterns when I sew, and I hate using patterns!  I would so much rather just sew something, and have it turn out wonderful!! 🙂  But I always hesitate at actually attempting this!

Anyway,  this first challenge was to create something out of a t-shirt.  SO, I decided to create a new dress for Zoe out of one of her t-shirts that is starting to get a little too small for her!

I had SO much fun with this and was so pleased with how it turned out.  I am going to do it in a couple of different styles with a few more of her t-shirts.  She begs me to let her wear a dress every day, and rarely gets use out of her t’s and shorts anyway, so I think it will be great to take a few of those t’s that are about too small anyway, and turn them into something she would much rather wear!

Here are my before and after pics!


It is super-duper simple.  Just take a tee, cut three strips of coordinating fabrics.  Make sure they are long enough to create a skirt around your child’s body.


Sew the strips into a simple skirt, and then sew the skirt onto the shirt!  SO simple! And SO cute!!



(Please excuse the little spider tatoos she had her brother put on her hands this morning) 🙂 I know, I know, she loves dresses…and spider tatoos – go figure!



For more great ideas for what you can do with an old t-shirt, head on over to Brassy Apple


  1. Ashley Turner says:

    seeewww cute!

  2. this is SO cute! great, great job!!!!

  3. I love it! Too, too cute. You did a great job. I’d have never thought to do that, but it’s a great idea. Drama Queen is the same way, preferring dresses. Mahvelous, dahling, mahvelous!! =)

  4. That is such an awesome idea!

  5. Great idea! It’s so nice to be able to reuse the things they outgrow and the stash–all in one project!

  6. I’m in awe! I wish I could sew like that!! Although we have no need for pretty dresses in my house….boys, boys everywhere! 🙂

  7. I need a new worsted wool charcoal gray pin stripe suit – 3 button, single breast. Think you could hook it up?

  8. Sure Preston…it might take a little longer than an hour though…I’ll schedule it into my spare time!

  9. Love it!!!! It is adorable and will have to check out the craftalong.

  10. That is awesome – if I ever have time again I’ll have to try this!!

  11. Wow! That’s fabulous. Good job. I’m going to follow that link and try it.

  12. This is darling and so fun. I linked to it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  13. Thanks!!

  14. I love this idea! My daughter has a ton of shirts that were about to get the boot because they are getting too small. Great job!

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