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I either need to start blogging on this blog or give it up for good!!  And I am not ready to give it up, so I guess I better start blogging!!  🙂

So,  September.  Wow, what do I even say.  It was a wild month.  I think if I even began to list all that I did in September,  I would give you – and myself – a headache.  So I will just say, it was busy…extremely busy… the end.

One of the fun highlights of the month has been my weekly craft day with my mom and sister.  Here are some of the projects I have been working on…

100_5162knitting a baby blanket

100_5174Sewing burp cloths


100_5183Sewing a reversible dress (side A)

100_5177(side B)
The dress isn’t complete, but almost!


(It should be noted that I am making the baby stuff because
A. it’s fun
B. I am going to be in a craft sale in Nov, and
C. we have lots of babies always on the expecting list at church!)

Oh yes, and one other creation in the month of September was this one year old’s birthday cake…fun!



  1. You’re so cute! They are growing up too fast!! I love your dress, btw…it turned out super cute!

  2. that was emphasis on the “are” in “they are growing up too fast” 😉

  3. Everything looks so great!

    I’m thinking the same as you, btw. I need to either delete my blog or get to typing! I’m leaning towards deleting, but not sure yet! I’m glad you’re leaning towards typing, though! 🙂

  4. Nooo, don’t lean towards deleting!!! 🙁

    Well, at least I have you on my facebook if you do…I definitely keep up with that much better anyway! 🙂

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