The Mundane

Love this quote from Carolyn Mahaney on the Girl Talk Blog.  Dear homemaker, wife, mother…May it encourage your heart today, as it does mine:

I got out of bed each morning so that I could do everything I did 734842_98231030the day before.
I washed the dishes so they could be dirtied again.
I ironed the clothes so they could be worn and wrinkled again
I wiped noses so they could run again.
I picked up toys so they could be played with again.
I mopped the floor so mud could be tracked on it again.
I cooked meals so that I could go to the grocery store again.
I made beds so they could be slept in again.

Some days I wondered: if I do all I do, only to have it undone, am I really doing anything?

…I realize that all of the mundane, repetitive days were actually full of significant, enduring work. A home was being built. A family was being knit together. Four souls were being shaped for eternity.

This home has spawned three more homes where the same tedious yet momentous work goes on day in and day out. And God willing, many more homes will one day be built, day by day, so “that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior” (Titus 2:9). – Carolyn Mahaney


  1. Your right… this is great!! Hope you are having a blessed day today!


  2. very encouraging! thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi Katie,

    That was really good. Hope you are all well. God bless!

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