Hi! Remember me?

Yes, I know, my blogging has been basically non-existent for the past year or so 🙁

But here I go, jumping back in again!  We’ll see if I can be a little more consistent with it.   (And I am probably just talking to myself right now, but that is ok too!)  I might have also lost a lot of you when I let my domain name boastinginmyweakness.com expire in April.  So, just another reminder, that my address has reverted back to my old wordpress –  bimw.wordpress.com (UPDATE: I got my domain back and my blog can still be found at http://boastinginmyweakness.com)

So, to catch up a little bit….for the past couple months we have been house hunting and purchasing a house.  We should be closing any day now!  So excited about that!  We will be closer to my husbands work (but still just 15 min from our church),  are taking advantage of the awesome buyers market right now, and will have so much more space, which will be so nice.  (And hopefully our little family will grow into our new house more.)  I am thankful we will have extra space for guests too.  I hate not being able to offer much in the way of a room when we have out of town family come to stay with us, so it will be nice to have that available to them!

Homeschool – I am working on rapping up the majority of our school year…most will be finished by the end of May.  We will however continue on with some subjects in the Summer, and do a little summer reading program.  It has been a great year, and I know the kids are looking forward to what is in store for them next year as well!

My little ‘hobby’ I have  been enjoying picking back up is running.  I have been doing the Couch to 5K program to try to get myself ready for running a 5k!  I keep struggling with a knee problem though, so to try to help with that I have been going to a chiropractor regularly, trying to strengthen my quad muscles on the bike, and today, I just bought a much needed new pair of running shoes…check out theses beauts:

They are the Brooks Ravenna, and should be good for helping with the way my foot turns when I run – keeping it stable, and in turn, helping to do away with that knee pain!  My husband is so sweet and supportive to let me buy these pricey (to me) shoes!  I usually don’t spend more than 50-60 on running shoes!  🙂

More updates to come…

PS.  I decided to change up my blog look a little bit….it was definitely time!!


  1. I am so impressed and inspired by your running habit! Even if I got in shape, I don’t know if I’d enjoy running (I never liked it, even when I was younger and healthier and I have bad knees. No, really.) =(

    So exciting to hear about your new house! =)

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