How Firm a Foundation

During our school time morning devotions, one of the things the kids and I have been doing is using Hymns For a Kids Heart, by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni Eareckson Tada.  This morning we began learning the hymn How Firm a Foundation. For each new hymn, the book tells a little background history on the hymn, and then includes a little story from Joni about someway that hymn has influenced or spoken to her life.  I enjoyed her story this morning that went along with this hymn, and thought I would share a little bit of it with you.

Joni tells of how she was raised on a farm that had a big red barn that had been there for over a hundred years.  She talked of the foundation of that barn, how strong it was even after 100 years of holding farming equipment and hay.  However one night the barn caught on fire and it, along with everything inside, burned to the ground.  After the fire, her father tested the foundation and found that it had survived the fire, and would be strong enough to hold a newly built barn.  Here is the conclusion of the little story:

“I was so proud of my father.  And I was proud of the foundation of that old barn.  It reminded me that sometimes “fiery trials,” as the Bible calls them, can come into our lives.  Sometimes awful things happen, and it seems as though everything goes up in smoke.  But thankfully, if we know Jesus Christ as our Savior, we have a strong foundation in our lives – much stronger than anything that supports a barn or a house.  So keep trusting the Word of God and the Lord Jesus.  God is a firm – a very firm – foundation that nothing can shake!” – Joni Eareckson Tada, Hymns for a Child’s Heart

How true!  When our foundation is firm in Christ,  no matter what trials and sufferings come our way, we will not be shaken from that foundation.  This reminded me of our friends, who this past week have experienced unimaginable grief and sorrow through the loss of their teenage son/brother who was hit by a drunk driver.  However, through this seemingly unbearable pain and sorrow, we (our church body) have all watched as they have clung to their firm foundation – Christ!  What a witness and testimony they are of God’s grace and power in our lives.

Through the trials I have been through in my own life, I have found that emotions & feelings, worldly reasoning and psychology, happy thoughts, or just trying to “forget about it and make it through,” were never any help!  It was only the word of God, planted deep in my heart, that I had to hold on to,  that kept me from falling apart.  Having a firm foundation in Christ and in God’s Word, was truly the only way I could have made it through.

What is your foundation made of?  How firm is your foundation?


  1. I love that hymn! Lots of Gods promises all in one wonderful hymn.

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