Oreo Balls

These are oh-so-yummy, and pretty simple too!  A little bit time consuming….but simple.

Here’s the recipe I used from food.com


  • 1 package regular size Oreo cookies, crushed
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 package white almond bark (I actually used white choc chips which was super delicious)
  • 1 package chocolate almond bark


  1. Using a blender or hand held mixer, mix Oreos and cream cheese together.
  2. Roll into walnut size balls.
  3. Chill for an hour.
  4. Melt approximately 3/4 package of white almond bark.
  5. Stick a toothpick in an Oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark.
  6. Allow to harden on wax paper.
  7. Takes about 15 min.
  8. While waiting, melt about 1/4 package of chocolate almond bark.
  9. When Oreo balls are no longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate and white almond bark.
  10. I just use a sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut in one corner to drizzle the almond bark.



  1. you make them look PERFECT! these are my fave. i actually just made velvet cake balls…they are in the fridge almost ready for me to roll up and dip in chocolate! mmmmmmmmm

  2. Thanks Lissa! Mmmm, velvet sounds yummy too!!

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