Christmas Fellowship Fun with Friends

Last week some friends gathered at my house for a ladies gift exchange/baking exchange.  Most of these ladies and I enjoyed meeting weekly for a year or two for book studies.  We had a great time at our little party!  We swapped goodies and made goody bags to deliver to our neighbors. We had a fun little $5 gift exchange, and did a Christmas Trivia quiz!

Gift Exchange

My 8-months-pregnant-with-her-fourth-child sister, Lara! 🙂

Enjoying the gift exchange, and some goodies!

Jill, trying to figure our which one to choose!! 🙂

mmmmm, goodies!

Swapin’ cookies to create goody bags!

hard at work!

What a fun time and great memories!


  1. I love all the pictures! We also had a Christmas gift exchange for homeschool moms at my friend’s house. It was so much fun because we could “steal” the presents from previous people who had opened the gifts already. It was a hoot!

  2. How fun! Yes, that is what we did with our gift exchange too – it was pretty funny!!

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