A Year of Blogging (or lack thereof) ~ 2010

2010 has not been a great blogging year for me.  My posts have been practically non-existent.  I took a look back at what this year has looked like -blog wise – and it was a bit disturbing.  My most viewed posts were actually from years past!  But hey, I guess we all have years like that sometimes.  Blogging  just didn’t make the top of my to-do list.

This year has also given me time to reflect on my blogging, and whether or not I should continue – if I rarely post!  But I really do love it, and really do have a desire to be better at keeping up with it consistently.  One of my goals for 2011 is to blog more consistently.  I am going to work up a plan for how that will get done, along with other goals, and plans for accomplishing those goals.  I will be back soon with that plan to share with you!

How about you?  Are you making goals for 2011?  How about a plan to achieve those goals?  Without a plan, goals are just that – goals.  We must make a plan to actually accomplish those goals!  See you soon with a plan! 🙂


  1. I am currently working out my goals. I am trying to figure out what the theme of this year is. Every year except this year there seems to be a theme. So, guess I need to pray about that! Some goals of mine: health for my whole family. Taking my time captive not doddling…! deeper walk with the Lord. Being bolder with my faith

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