Goal Setting ~ Part 2

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Things to remember in making and achieving goals:

  • If you do not set goals, you will likely end up with many regrets at the end of a day, month, year, decade, etc.   You will likely come to the end of the day or year and be in the same place you started, or worse – behind!   Setting goals helps us to make the best use of our time – as I discussed yesterday.
  • When you set a goal, you must also make a plan to achieve that goal.  If you do not make a plan, you will most likely fail to achieve your goal.  You can not simply say, “I would like to do better at such and such this year.”  But to go along with that you need to add, “and I will do that by taking the following steps…” AND then put those steps into action.
  • Always keep Prov 16:9 in mind as we talked about yesterday.  Goals and planning are so important.  But God’s plans are far better than ours.  Be flexible and trust Him when “your” goals and plans might not all work out the way you had hoped.

What types of goals to set:

  • Set individual goals.
  • Take some time with your spouse to make some goals for your marriage, family, finances, etc.
  • Sit down as a family and set some family goals
  • Talk to your children about setting goals for themselves for the next year.  Help them by sharing some of your own goals, and giving them ideas on areas they might want to set goals for themselves.
  • I like to start with the most important areas of my life first, and  then throw in some fun ones!

Here are some examples of areas I am personally working on setting goals for myself for the new year.

  • My relationship with God
  • Goals as a wife
  • Goals as a mother
  • Homemaking goals
  • Homeschooling goals
  • Health/Fitness goals
  • Blogging goals
  • Photography goals
  • Crafting/Etsy goals
  • Cake Decorating goals

Each of these areas have sub-categories, and within each category a goal with a plan to accomplish that goal.  To give you an example of what I am talking about I will share one of my goals and plans with you!  Here are some of my plans for blogging:

Blogging Goals:

  • Post a minimum of 3 posts per week (keeping the goal small and doable)
  • Plan a blogging schedule – what type of post on what day of the week
  • Write out said plan/blogging schedule on a calendar – www.cozi.com  is my calendar of choice 🙂

Viola!  There you have it….a goal for blogging for 2011, and a plan to succeed at that goal!

Of course I can’t just will myself to accomplish these things.  As I said yesterday, these things need to first be submitted to God’s will, and then I must lay these things at His feet, seeking His strength to accomplish the things He has for me to do in the next year.  With His strength, we can be the women, wives, mothers, homemakers, homeschoolers, (insert your hats here), that He has called us to be, and glorify Him in 2011 in these roles He has graciously assigned to us!

Happy New Year blog friends!


  1. Good advice! I usually do set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year but this year I’m planning on sitting down with the kids for the first time and having them set a few goals for themselves, too. Happy New Year, Katie!

  2. Great post!!

    Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

  3. Hey! Great post… I Hip Hopped over today from Hip Homeschool Mom! 😉


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