Holiday Book Nook

This is the first time I have ever participated in Works For Me Wednesday!  I thought it might be fun to try to participate in it at least once a month, so here goes!

We’ve started a new way to display and organize holiday books in our house .  Introducing…..our little Holiday Book Nook!

This is what our nook looked like for Christmas
Some Christmas books are out on display….

And the others sit neatly on the shelf…

Currently, we have it set up for Valentine’s Day….

Having this special place dedicated only to our holiday books is a visual reminder to us that the books are there, waiting to be read.  It reminds us as we are walking by to take some time to stop – grab a book – and cuddle up and read together.  It is one if the ways we like to celebrate Christ-centered holidays in our home – by reading books that draw our attention to Christ in those holidays.

I like to add a few new books to our holiday book collection each year.  I try to have something for all of the major holidays, and am adding in some of the smaller holidays bit by bit, as well.

As we go through the seasons and the holidays, our nook will look a little different.  Holidays past will be tucked away neatly on the shelf, while upcoming holiday stories are boldly displayed, calling out, “Come, read me!” 😀

Do you have a special place in your home for your  Christ-centered holiday books?  I’d love to see it or hear about it!  Please share!!


  1. Welcome to WFMW! I love your book nook!

    Have you ever thought of doing a Christmas count down with wrapped books? I wrote about my family’s tradition here:

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love it. I also like Elizabeth’s idea with the wrapped books too. Thank you for sharing!
    Karen ~Georgia Angel

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