10 Ways to Love Your Husband

……without spending a dime!

It really is the “little” things that matter most.  My husband and I have been married now for going on 11 years.  I can honestly say our relationship is deeper and we are more “in love” now, than we were when we met!  God is the One who has worked in us and in our relationship to keep it going strong throughout the years.  He has shown us the importance of keeping Him first in our own lives, and relationship.  It is only through the love that God gives us for one another, that we are able to truly love each other in a very genuine and real way.

Doing “little” things everyday can help to grow your love for each other more than you could imagine – even if it might seem for a while that you are the only one participating….stick it out.  It is worth it!

1. Think of one positive thing – a compliment – about your husband every day and tell him. Something, anything!  “I love the way you…..”  “It makes me so happy when you…..” “you are just the BEST at …..”  “You’re so Hot!” 🙂  Change it up and think of something new each day!

2.  Give him a huge hug! Just come up out of nowhere and give him a loving hug.  And don’t let him go for a while!

3.  Lay a big 30 seconder on him! That doesn’t sound all that long, but give it a try!  It is!  And just see what happens….

4.  Hold hands with him in public (or at home if he’s not so into pda).

5.  Write him a note telling him how much you love and appreciate him…how much he means to you.

6.  Do something for him. What would mean the most to your husband?  Cleaning his car, cooking him breakfast/fixing his coffee, making his favorite dessert, ironing his clothes, watching his favorite sporting event with him, etc.  You know your husband…what would show him love that you could do for him?  Do that!

7.  Give him time with the guys. Don’t be selfish!  It’s good for him…it’s good for you to have girl time too!

8.  Encourage him in his relationship with God.

9.  Don’t let negative comments come from your mouth about your husband. That means to his face or behind his back.  Point out the positives of your husband to others – NEVER husband bash with your friends!  This also goes for nagging, and talking down to your husband to his face.  Ask God to guard your mouth, and give you words to say to your husband in a loving way.  Being intentional about how you talk to your husband can make a huge difference in your relationship!

10. And last, but not least……Ummm, what do husbands love most of all? Yeah, you know what I am talking about.  Don’t forget to do that too…it’s one of the most important ways you can love your husband and nurture your relationship!


  1. EXCELLENT post, Katie! Thanks… =)
    P.S. That picture of you and J is so sweet!! =)

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