Valentine’s Day – We NEED “Especially” Days!

An Excerpt from Treasuring God in Our Traditions, by Noel Piper

“No!” our college friend squawked. “All days are not the same!  God knows we need ‘especially.'”

He’d heard it once too often, somebody pontificating, “Every day should be Mother’s Day,” or “Every day should be as significant as Christmas.”

God knows we need ‘especially’ – that was a new thought to me back then.  And it’s true.  God himself appointed special days, such as Passover, for his people and gave them ceremonies to set those days off from the others (Ex 12:1-20).  December 25, for example, could pass like any other day in our week, except for the thought and preparation we give to it and the customs and traditions that surround it.  The ceremony of a special day keeps it from slipping away like an ordinary day. We stop and recognize the specialness of an event in large part because of the traditions in which it’s wrapped.

Our “especially” celebrations anchor us and our children in the harbor of our family, reflecting our true refuge – God.  The way we observe these occastions – the focus of our observation – has great potential to show our children what we think is most important and to help them value what we hold most dear.  Of course, the benefits are not just for the children.  Our celebrations work good in our own lives and in other people whose lives touch ours, by rekindling our love of God, by increasing our knowledge of Him, and by helping us remember who God is and how He works.” – Noel Piper

Rather than chalking this day up to another pesky commercialized holiday, I pray you will use this day as an “especially” day, remebering God’s love for you, and the love of family and friends this special day!  Special days cause us to stop, think, and live intentionally.  They can affect and change how we live the other days of the year!


  1. That was beautiful! I agree we need to include God in every holiday.

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