Celebrating Easter – Easter Mountain

This week, I will be reposting some ideas from past blog posts – to give you some great ideals for celebrating a Christ-centered Easter!  The kids and I will be spending the week with these fun-Christ-centered activities as we turn our focus to the awesome gift of Christ’s death and resurrection – to pay the price for OUR sin!!!

{Photo Credit: DesigingGod.org}

This first activity comes from Noel Piper’s book, Treasuring God in Our Traditions!  She just has some wonderful Christ-centered Easter celebrations that you MUST know about!

This idea is for an Easter mountain!  Basically you create a mountain out of home-made play dough, with a hole in the top for the cross, and a large hole on one side for the tomb.  You make little stick people out of pipe cleaners, and you use this scene to act out the Easter story as you tell it throughout the week  with your kids!   This is a super fun way to make the Easter story come to life for you and your kids!

Click HERE for a tutorial from Desiring God, on how to make the Easter Mountain!

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