Tornado Devastation

As I am sure you all know by now, much of the southeast was ravaged by tornadoes yesterday.  Included in the destructive path of one of these large tornadoes, was one of my favorite bloggers – Kelly, from Generation Cedar.  She is a fellow Christian, homeschooling mom.  She just had her 9th baby a couple of weeks ago, and now, their house has been completely destroyed by the tornado.  Click here to read more about the details.

{Photo Credit: Generation Cedar}

{Photo Credit: Vision Forum}

   I can only minutely imagine all that they must be going through and experiencing right now.  Yet, as always, their faith in Christ is standing strong.  If you have followed Generation Cedar at all, you will remember that their home is not just their home, but also the hub of their home businesses, and I believe most of their income comes out of things they do from home.  Please, please pray for this sweet family of 11.  If the Lord lays it on your heart, please also donate to helping this family.  There is info on how that can be done HERE.

   I also learned that one of their neighbors and close friends lost their husband/dad – of 13 children – in the tornado, as he gave his life to protect his children.  They also lost their home in the tornado.  You can read more of their story HERE.

Stay tuned as I will soon be posting a fund-raiser to help the Crawford family, here at Boasting In My Weakness.


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