My God is so BIG

Ever sing that song with your kids?

When the Lord first drew me to Himself, that was a concept, or attribute of God, that He used to grab a hold of my heart. God’s Big-ness! How’s that for a fun word? My husband loves my made up words! ;P

But seriously, God IS so big. He is All-Powerful, Mighty, and Strong. Yet, He is intimate, loving, and personal. He cares for teeny, tiny, puny – me!

I love it when God gives me glimpses of his Big-ness. I love it when He takes my mind and my heart back to that place He first took me when He saved my wretched little self. When He caused me to see how small I really was, how big He is, and how awesome His love for me is.

I don’t fly in planes often. It’s expensive, and I normally don’t have a reason to fly. Plus it makes me pretty sick – bleh! But my husband and I just took our belated 10 year ( so belated in fact, that it’s almost our 11 year) anniversary trip to the beautiful Riviera Maya. And as you would guess, we flew. (And this time, I took a little motion sickness medicine – works wonders!)

Anyway, one of the perks of rarely flying, is that you get to keep some of that awe and wonder in flying. I would assume that those who fly often might lose a little bit of that wonder. As we flew thousands and thousands of feet in the air, above the clouds, above the tiny little car specks, above the huge ocean ( which looked so tiny) – I was once again reminded of how Huge and Awesome my great God and Creator is. Sitting those thousands of feet up in the air gives me a minuscule portion of God’s view of every inch of this world, and universe. He is so high and mighty – and we must all look like tiny ants to Him, like those tiny cars I watched driving along tiny roads. But, He cares for each of His children, intimately , personally. He not only sees every person, and everything, and is everywhere – but – He also knows every detail of every life, every heart, every thought, every word – of every person.

I stand in awe. Thank you Lord. I love those glimpses you graciously give me of Your glory, majesty, power, and love.


  1. I love those moments, too. Wonderful reminders!! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy belated and ‘almost’ anniversary. We just celebrated 11 years! πŸ™‚

    I just love it when God gives us a glimpse into the depths of who He is!

  3. Those times are precious reminders of how great God really is! Coming by from the HHH. Hope you can stop by when you get a chance. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful scene. Happy Anniversary (late and early πŸ˜‰

  4. What an awesome perspective!!

  5. Lori Edwards says:

    Thank you for this tear-jerking reminder… He takes me back there sometimes, too …and oh how I love to remember!

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