I am truly BLESSED!

I have to take a moment to brag on my wonderful husband!  See these flower here….yep, you guessed it ~ they are from him!  Seeing beautiful flowers like these in our kitchen is NOT an uncommon thing in our home.   He brings me fresh flowers almost every Monday evening.  He says it is a small, inexpensive gesture to show me how much he loves me and thinks of me – and it definitely does just that!  I dont know why it makes a girl feel so special to get flowers, but it does.  I dont feel sad or disappointed if I dont get flowers for a long period of time, but it is a wonderful treat when my husband shows up at the door with flowers, whether it is every week, or just once in a while! 

The other reason these flowers remind me of what a wonderful husband I have is where he is returning from when he brings me these flowers.  In our home we use a great approach to grocery shopping called “the grocery game” which saves us hundreds of dollars on groceries every month. For the past couple months my husband has been doing our grocery game shopping on Monday nights.  He comes home from a long day at work, eats supper, plays with the kids a little, and then heads off to the grocery store to do this shopping.   I have tried to insist that I do the shopping, that he should not be coming home from a long day at work, only to head back out to the grocery store.  But he is set on doing this for me.  He says he wants to give me a little break from the day, and let me get some things done that I want to work on, and he says he enjoys it.  So whether I or anyone else think he shouldn’t be doing this for me, he is because he wants to, and he insists on it.  Is he wonderful or what?  He spoils me far beyond what I deserve!

Lord, please don’t let me take this wonderful man for granted.  Thank You for blessing me immeasurably with him!




  1. Awww.. they’re lovely and made me smile! 🙂


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