Enjoy Your Kids

As homeschool moms, and moms of little ones, we spend so much time with our kids.  We are with them 24/7 – 365!  But how much of that time is spent enjoying them?

There is so much to do in a day, so much to accomplish for the week.  We have our homes to care for, keep up, and clean. Laundry, meal planning and preparations each day.  Spending time with the Lord each day (should of course attain our greatest attention).  Our husbands to love, cherish, and spend time with each evening.  We might have other responsibilities outside our home…teaching Sunday School, running around for extracurriculars, helping in the community or in our church family. We are educating our sweet kiddos…daily spending hours with them, teaching them about our wonderful Creator & Savior, plus the usual Math, Reading, History, Science, and all they need to know in life.  We may also be opening our homes for hospitality, and spending time with friends and family.  The list could (and does) go on and on.

When so much of us is strewn in so many directions, intentional enjoyment of our children often gets left behind.  Enjoying them, and having a true relationship with them are big factors in allowing you to keep a hold on their hearts….even through the teenage years.  If we aren’t available to enjoy our kids, and build a deeply rooted relationship with them now…they wont trust us enough to share with us and continue a good relationship with us through their teen years.  They will shut down, and close themselves off to us.  Now is the time to build those bonds.

Think about what your child loves.  What thing can you do that you know will make them feel most loved?  For one of my children, it is playing games.  Just taking 30 min to an hour out of my day to intentionally sit down and play a game with him makes him feel so loved.  We have some of our best conversations during game-playing time.  Just sparing this hour of game playing time, even once a week, does wonders for our relationship.  For my other child, it is cuddling & girl time (i.e.painting our nails, etc).  Find out what it is that really says “I love you” to your child, and be intentional about doing that thing as often as seems necessary for your individual situation.


Take  a moment to stop and think….

– How many times a day/week do your kids ask you to do something with them…and your reply is “no,” or “not right now,”or “maybe later,” or “Mommy’s  busy right now”?    Resolve to take the time, at least once this week to fulfill one of their requests  

– What is makes your child feel most loved?   Make time this week to do that with them

You just might find yourself wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!

Enjoy those sweet blessings in your life!!  You never know what day might be your last chance to do so!




  1. Good word, Katie! As a mom of teens and a 20 year old, I can attest to how fast the time flies! Thankfully, we are all still enjoying one another!!!

  2. This is a beautiful and important reminder to us all!

    Many blessings,

  3. Very good reminder! Thanks!!
    Here from the Hop.

  4. Thanks for the reminder… there’s always so much to do… they do grow up, don’t they.
    Great work on the blog! Regards, grace arthousemum.blogspot.com

  5. Great post!

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