A Week of Organizing

One of the many perks of homeschooling: If I want to take off a week from “school” to do some home organizing while all the public school children head “back to school”  – I CAN!

Oh the beauty of homeschooling.  Granted, organizing the kids rooms, the guest room, my room, the school room, etc….isn’t exactly FUN.  But hey, it needed to be done.

And while we were “on break” – we weren’t really on break.  We were learning.  Learning how to organize, decorate, make a home beautiful, put things in neat orderly fashion, and KEEP them that way! (ahem – I am hopeful on that last one, pretty please?!)

And just look at some of the beautiful results (sorry, no before pics, I didn’t think of it, and trust me, it was scary anyway.  I would run the risk of giving you nightmares, and I wouldnt want to be the cause of that)….

Yes, it’s been a great week!  But I must run…the week’s not over, and there is so much more to be done!


  1. I love the color of his desk (and the painted pattern on the seat of the chair.) =)

  2. Thanks!! We bought it from someone already painted like that! Thought it was pretty cool!

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