Fall Fun!

It’s been super quiet around the blog lately – but not so in real life!  Fall seems to always be one of our busiest times of year.  School is in full swing, the start of extra-curricular activities, fun fall field trips, 3 birthdays coming up, a retreat in my near future, cake decorating, trying to find time to make things for my upcoming craft sale, just to mention SOME of it – and well….you can see why blogging sometimes falls by the way-side!

I miss sharing with my blog readers though!  Last week we went to a local Pumpkin Farm for Homeschool Day – and had loads of FUN!

Awww, Brotherly-Sisterly Love!

Cousins!! Plus my sister - so we could get baby Margot in the picture too!! Aren't they adorable?!

Sweet Cousins!


A little silliness

A little more silliness...

The kids all had so much fun jumping on the new GIANT pillow jump!!

Z jumping

T jumping

Howdy from Mainstay Farm!

Look at that little cutie-patootie!

Big cousin Trevor taking care of little Juliet! (She likes holding her big cousin's hand)

Sweet baby Margot (niece)

(Niece)Juliet picking out her pumpkin

Look at that cheeser!

(nephew) Jaysen with the pumpkin he chose to take home

(niece) Big sis Sierra with her pumpkin

Sweet Trev with his pumpkin

Little Zo and her pumpkin

Hay Barn Fun!

Trevor being silly with cousin Sierra


It is such a blessing to live pretty close to my sister – and to be able to get the kids together for these kinds of outings.  They all ADORE each other!!  So thankful!

PS. Sorry to get all “Pioneer Woman” on you with the gazillion pictures….I get a little snap happy sometimes….ok, a lot of times! What I’ve shared is only a small fraction of what I actually shot! *grin*  What can I say?!  I love pictures!!


  1. I like when you get all “pioneer woman”! That’s why I read her blog SO often! I <3 pictures! 🙂

  2. Hi Katie! Not sure if you remember me or not…it’s been a while since I’ve commented here. Your kids are so cute! Looks like a fun day was had by all! 🙂

  3. Looks like the perfect fall activity with cousins!

  4. I just love the photos! The pumpkin shots are frame worthy and your timing was just perfect on the mid-air jumping shots! Awesome! 🙂 And, I am just like you– I take lots of pictures all of the time. I just can’t help myself! 🙂 Hope the rest of your week is as wonderful!

    Many blessings,

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