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Follow Me on Pinterest Alright, raise your hand if you are totally digging Pinterest!

Ok hands down.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Is it not just about the best website ever invented?!  Seriously.  If you are not on it, you are totally missing out.

Might I go as far as to say that (*gasp*) it’s even better than facebook?!  Ok, ok, maybe that is a little harsh.  I mean, they are two totally different animals.

I guess what I mean about comparing it to Facebook is that unlike Facebook, Pinterest inspires me.  Facebook is quite the time sucker and makes me feel super unproductive. (*Note: I do love FB for staying connected with friends!)  Pinterest actually inspires me to go and do something – creative – or productive!  Pinterest could become another time sucker if you let it.  But, on the other hand, if you let it actually inspire you to do things, it can have quite the opposite effect.  I often try to look through Pinterest rather quickly, so I can get off the computer and go and create something, or organize something, or do some fun project with the kids.  Has anyone else found this to be the case?  Have you actually made or done any of the ideas you have pinned on your boards?

I don’t think I am alone in this.  A friend from church is even hosting a “Pinterest Party” in November, where we will all get together and bring things we have made or done from Pinterest, to show and tell – complete with Pinterest inspired foods!

Ok, so if you are reading this and have no idea what this Pinterest thing is, let me give a quick overview.  Basically it is a place to store everything you love.

Some of my Pinterest Boards

You create “pin boards” and name them whatever you like.  You can pin things you love, or find interesting, or want to make, do, or try – whatever – it’s totally your personality and likes pinned up on your boards.  You also can follow others, and will see their pins in your feed, which you can then “repin” to your own board – if it is something you love too!

A few more of my Boards

It is a great way to gain inspiration for everyday life and things around your home, etc.  But, it is also a great tool for things like Homeschooling ideas, Wedding Planning, Shower and Party Planning, Cooking, things pertaining to your business, photography, crafting, etc.(I could literally go on and on!)  Pretty much anything you can think of!

Some of my recent pins…

So!  Back to what I mentioned earlier….if you are on Pinterest, have you actually done any of the things you have pinned on your boards?  If so, I’d love to see them/hear all about them!!  Do share!

I still have so many things on my boards that I would love to do!  There are also things on there that are simply things I love – and not necessarily things to do!

So far though, I have:

  • Used ideas/printables from Pinterest to revamp or actually redo my tired Home Management Binder.  I am lovin’ the new look.  That should be another blog post!
  • Made cupcakes for a baby shower that a friend pinned and asked me to make.
  • Tried a few photography tips I found on there
  • Used clothing inspiration to dress my family for our family photo session
  • Several sewing projects in the works
  • Tried a new recipe
One trick to remember is – instead of just pinning/repinning things all of the time – don’t forget to go back actually look at the things you’ve pinned!  It is such a great reminder of all those wonderful things you’d like to get done!
See you on Pinterest! 😉



  1. *Raising my hand*…yes, I’m addicted to Pinterest too! 🙂 I’ve just discovered it in the last month or so…what a find! I’m a very forgetful person, so I like it because it helps me remember some of the ideas that I find on the internet. I wish my family would get on Pinterest b/c it would be a great tool for creating wish lists and would make shopping for them a whole lot easier!

    • Kathy! What a great idea – using it for gift lists! Love that!! I too am so forgetful of all of the great ideas I come across on the web! It is a brain-saver!!

  2. Yes, I have a Pinterest problem! I only recently discovered it but it’s awesome for organizing ideas. But now I have so many projects that I’d like to do but can’t find time!!!

  3. I LOVE Pinterest. I have not actually accomplished anything on it (YET)…but I will.


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