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I’ve been so busy working on my new blog design this month I haven’t found much time to post!  However, working on all of the behind the scenes stuff makes me want to get to the fun part – writing!

If you are viewing this post on my actual blog page right now,  you will notice things are VERY different around here.  You will also notice that I am not finished.   Like that ‘fun’ peachy/pink stripe border on the sides of my page that totally does not match, and I have yet to figure out how to change – yep, that one!  Just to name ONE of the messed up things on here right now that is driving me insane! LOL!

 I have been studying css & html this week, and have done some fun- although difficult – blog work with it!   The things I have been doing and working on this week are things I have never attempted be fore.  It is scary, fun, sometimes stressful, and WAY too time consuming.  Ha! But this is how you learn.  Practice, practice, practice.  I recently became  interested in learning blog design.  Particularly Wordpress blog design, since that is what I use!  It combines my love of technology, blogging, art/craftiness, & creativity.  We’ll see where things go with it.  For now, I’ll just keep practicing – and slowly but surely getting this old blog where I want it!

Other than blog designing, this month has been filled, so far, with 2 birthdays {my son’s and mine},  homeschooling, and crafting.  Lots and lots of crafting!  I was in my first craft sale this past weekend.!!  Getting ready for a craft sale is a lot of hard work, but I seriously had the best time!!  Of course, sharing a booth with my sister just made it that much MORE fun!  I have one more sale tomorrow, and then whatever I have left is going in my etsy shop to restock the poor neglected thing!

Here’s a view of our sale last weekend (my sister and I contributed to the booth together – that’s my cute sis, holding her cute 9 month old, and my sweet son, in the background)

A couple more views of our booth:

And here are our cute little kid crafters.  My niece, and my two kiddos – they were so excited about making their own crafts to sell at their own little table in our booth.  They lasted all of 1 hour before moving on to more interesting things 🙂 :

There is so much more to blog about, but it can wait for another post.  Have a great rest of the week!

***Update 11/18:  The pink strip is now GONE!  Wahooooo!!

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