Camera Phone Friday – 11/18/11


1.) Fall in Texas – our oak tree;  2.) Trevor working on a Philistine helmet – homeschool;  3.) Our craft sale last weekend;  4.) Birthday present from Jared “This is to be used for one cutesy bloggy makeover” – he even got the terminology right);  5.) Genghis grill for my birthday celebration with my mom and sister…yum!!;  6.)Birthday roses from my sweetheart;  7.) My kids are so cute eating with chopsticks! 😉 ;  8.) The boys getting their final stripes on their belts, and getting the “ok” for going to their first belt test (which is coming up tomorrow);  9-11.) Karate, Karate, and more Karate;  12.) Zoe lost her other front tooth – she’s now missing her 2 front teeth just in time for Christmas!


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