Photography: Small Adjustments Make Big Differences

I know you must already know this, but I’ll say it again just to make sure you do… I love photography.  I am constantly snapping pics – like a mad woman.  Seriously.  My family thinks I am the insane picture taking woman.

I brought my camera along on our little neighborhood Thanksgiving Day walk with grandparents.  I snapped several pics as we walked (which I just posted here yesterday).

One picture I snapped in two different positions.  It was such a dramatic difference, I just had to share it with you.  There are some super easy ways to drastically improve your everyday, common photography.


Exhibit A:  I took this pic following what you might have often heard regarding photography rules….the sun should be behind the photographer.  As you can see, all that did was put some severely harsh light & dark shadows on my subjects.  Not to mention cause some major squinting…

Exhibit B:  The kids are standing in the exact same spot – EXCEPT – I rotated them about 45 degrees counter-clockwise, placing the sun behind and to the left of them, and viola!  No more harsh light and squinting.  The photo lights up with beautiful soft lighting, and a beautiful glow behind their bodies.  Skin tone and lighting look flawless…

Amazing huh?!  Same exact spot, just a measly 45 degree rotation of the kids, and a world of difference.  It turned a blah pic into a gorgeously lighted one!

Next time you are outside shooting photos of your kids – give it a try!! 😉



  1. Thank you so much for your simple 45 degree tutorial. I need to share this with my grand children’s parents. We all have the tendency of having children squinting! Your photo is wonderful.

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