Advent: A Season of Waiting and Anticipation

The Advent season is upon us. One of my favorite times of the year.

There are always so many things I want to do during this time.  I often choose to try to do too many of them, and end up doing none of them very well.  Can you relate?

As a mom, my responsibility and privelage is to point my children to Christ day in and day out.  At Christmas time it is a joy and delight to make this an extra special celebration and teaching time for the kids (and for us).  It can also be a struggle.  As the things around us -busyness, shopping, food, preparations, family outings/events, presents, self – cloud our perspective, and take our focus off of where it needs to be – on Christ.

I first need to start with my own heart and relationship with Christ.  I need to have my own heart focused on Christ, spending time in the word and in prayer – daily seeking the King of Kings whose coming I anticipate and celebrate this month.  If my own heart is not focused on Christ and spending time with Him above all else this Christmas season (and always), everything else will be out of whack.  I will make wrong choices on what to spend our time on.  I will fill up our schedule with things that really don’t matter.  I will not be the Mom and Wife God desires me to be.  Christmas should be a time of peaceful, joyful anticipation and celebration – not a stressed out crazy month.  When we focus on the wrong things – that is exactly what it is.

This year we are doing our Jesse Tree again.  This time I am doing it during the day with the kids for our daytime devotional time.  We are using Ann Voskamp’s free Jesse Tree devotional.

In the evenings we are reading Tabitha’s Travels: A Family Story for Advent
as a family and lighting our Advent candles.  Tabitha’s Travels is the third in the Jotham’s Journey collection.  We ADORE these books!  The kids hang on every word, and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

In addition to that…well, that is TBD!  There are so many things I could do, so many I want to do.  But for now, we will focus on what is most important, seek the Lord, and see where He leads us for the rest of the Advent season!



  1. Ha! I just posted about this last nite, saying I always want to do it alllll because it all looks so fun! But I know, from experience, that when I try to do to much, or push it on my kid, it ends up being a disaster… or at the very least, completely missing the point. So, yeah, this year we are doing a very simple Names of Jesus countdown chain. And he’ll be coloring in the Usborne Advent Calendar to Color too – so it’s short, simple things to keep us focused on Jesus!

  2. I know it!  It is so hard!  There are so many fun things that could be done – but I want to do what we do well!  And I can’t do it all well!  I love that chain!  Such a great, Christ-centered idea!!

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