Reflecting on a Month of Thankfulness

Thankfulness – to God – should occur every day.  It should be on our hearts and our tongues in everything, the good and the bad.

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thess 5:18

This year on my personal facebook page I participated in 30 days of Thankfulness, posting what I am thankful for every day of the month of November.

Here are my 30 days of Thankfulness status updates:

  • Missed Day 1
  • Day #2: Thankful for the gift of salvation – Christ paying the penalty I deserved – can’t even express adequately in words my thankfulness for this gift!
  • Day 3: I’m so thankful for my amazing husband! God has blessed me beyond what I ever could have imagined being blessed with in a husband. He loves his family deeply and cares for us SO well! He loves the Lord with all of his heart and leads us well by his godly example. He cares more about spending time with us that about doing anything else he could fill up his time with. He is such a good example/balance for me in how to keep priorities in line. I could literally go on and on – SO thankful for him!
  • Day #4: Thankful God has blessed me with such a sweet, kind, & tender-hearted son – 9 years ago TODAY!! He is such a joy and treasure to our family. God has blessed us immensely with this sweet child!
  • Day #5: Thankful for date nights with my sweet♥
  • Day #6: Am thankful for a good visit and fun time with Gigi (visiting from Houston) this weekend!
  • Day 7: Thankful for such kind and loving family and friends who have all blessed me SO much – not only on my birthday – but each and every day! Thank you!
  • Day 8: So thankful for our sweet girlie! She is such a joy and SO much fun to have around. She really livens/brightens up our lives!
  • Day 9: Thankful that God gave my (normally shy) son the boldness and strength to sign up for and deliever a Bible study message to his Karate class last night. Trevor signed up to do this a few weeks ago, picked out what he wanted to teach on and asked the Lord to show him what to say. Last night, he taught verse by verse from psalm 118:1, 5-9 – and even included the Gospel in his teaching – to a room full of 2 Karate classes (adults and children). So thankful to see the Lord working through our son – giving boldness to a seemingly shy child. God is good!
  • Day 10: thankful for those fun unexpected blessings in life! (not that there are blessings that are expected…but you know what I mean!) 😉
  • Day 11: SO thankful for our veterans and all the men & women serving in the military. I appreciate all that you do & the sacrifices you make, so that we can all keep our freedom. I can only begin to imagine the things you do for us – I know that we really can not even fathom all that you truly do for us! Thank you!
  • Day #12: need to write a thankful post but am SO tired after that craft sale, I can’t think straight! Thankful for sleep – which I will soon partake in 🙂
  • Day 13: thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ who sharpen and encourage.
  • Day 14:  Thankful for the amazing blessing of staying home with my kids – truly the BEST job in the world!!
  • Day 15: Thankful the Lord has called me to Homeschool my kids, daily gives me the grace and strength needed for the task, helps my kids actually LEARN-even though I am teaching them (ha!), and that I live in a country where we have the freedom to homeschool – and even better – one of the best states to homeschool in, Texas!
  • Day 16: Thankful for late night coffee dates with my sweet friend! So much fun and so encouraging!
  • Day 17:  Thankful for God’s word, that He has made it so abundantly available to us, and that He uses it to transform the hearts of His children.
  • Day 18: Thankful for my home. I really love my home. 🙂
  • Day 19: Thankful for family time…we have so much fun together, and SO enjoy being together, no matter what it is we are doing. Love my sweet little family!
  • Day 20: Thankful for our church family at Redeemer Church. Thankful to worship & be in fellowship with such loving, God-centered people!
  • Day 21: Thankful for God’s daily abundant provision – spiritually, emotionally, physically – but most of all His provision of love, grace & mercy.
  • Dsy 22: Thankful for our sweet homeopathic dr whom God is using to diagnose and heal our family from all of our illnesses!
  • Day 23: Food is kinda-sorta on my brain right now….I really have no idea why that could be?! So today, I am thankful for the food God provides. And right now, I am talking massive abundance!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a great time celebrating tomorrow!!
  • Day 24: Happy Thanksgiving! So thankful for all of you – sweet amazing friends and family!
  • Day 25: Thankful for the 5-day holiday with Jared!! SO nice having him home with us!!
  • Day 26: Thankful for a warm home in this cold weather!
  • Day 27: thankful for LAUGHTER!! Family Christmas story-time around the Christmas tree tonight was HIL-AR-I-OUS!! Jared read the Candle in the Window, trying his best to do so with a German accent. All that came out was a middle-eastern/Mexican gangster accent (and Zoe says there was some Mr.Miyagi in there too). SO funny! We were cracking up!! I love to laugh and LOVE my funny family!
  • Day 28: Thankful for Sanctification – God doesn’t leave me where I am, but is constantly growing and changing me to be more like Him
  • Day 29: Thankful for the Advent season
  • Day 30: Thankful for grace
And there you have it!  My November 30 Days of Thankfulness.  May the Thankfulness continue each and every day of the year!


  1. I LOVED doing it, too! It was so nice to really think about each day of at least one thing I was thankful for. I loved doing it in the morning, first thing, because it really changed my focus and attitude for the day! 😉

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