Vacation – Sweet Grandparents Edition

I didn’t mean to have this long of a gap between the Beach Edition, and this next one. I have been having some photo uploading issues with wordpress, but have FINALLY figured out the problem!!  Yay!

On to the photos!  Our reason for going to Florida over the Christmas/New Year holiday was to spend time with my sweet grandparents who live there!  We had so much fun staying with them for 5 nights!  They are a couple of the best grandparents ever, and I miss them already.  I am so thankful that the kids got to spend this lengthy time with them and get to know them better!!

Playing Headbandz

Playing Horshoes with Grandpa - one of his favorite activities

Grandma giving Zoe a tour of all of her plants/flowers

Zoe and Grandma

Grandpa and Zoe

The kids putting on a little concert with their new instruments from Grandpa and Grandma

Granpa yo-yo-ing..showing us how its done!


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