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I am overjoyed to announce that we are expecting again!!  I had a positive pregnancy test on January 6th, soon after we returned from our trip to FL – the perfect New Year’s gift!!  I am so very, unbelievably thankful to the Lord!!  It’s been killing me to keep it a secret from my family, friends, and blog readers as long as I have.  I usually tell the news right away.  I am not one who likes to wait until the “safe zone” of 2nd trimester, because, if you’ve been reading here for long you’ll know, 2 trimester has not been a “safe zone” for me.  I’d rather tell people right away, and have all the prayers I can for this new little one, and our family.  I don’t really know why it is that I waited a little while to share the news this time.  It’s definitely not because I was waiting for a safe time to tell.  It is also not because I don’t want prayer.  I think I have just been enjoying the news, and enjoying the joy our family has shared in this news, and being the only ones who know it for a little while.  Especially since we have been through some really tough losses together, and some tough long waiting through infertility.

The day I had the positive test, I was beside myself with JOY!!  I seriously fell to the ground thanking and praising God for blessing us with this new little life!  It has been almost 3 years since we lost our last son, Corbin, and I had not been able to conceive since then.  (I do have to allow for the 6 months I was recovering from surgery and not allowed to get pregnant, so technically about 2.5 years of not conceiving).  And because we have also lost our two sons, it has felt like an eternity since we last had a baby.  When this little one arrives, Trevor will be almost 10 and Zoe will be almost 8!  I have not had a newborn for almost 8 years!!  That feels so weird and crazy!

From the moment I found out we were expecting this little one, I told the Lord that I would thank and praise Him for this child every single day I have with him/her.  Even if that means I will again not meet this child face to face.  I am enjoying this little life He is creating in me – now!  I know and fully trust that the Lord has already planned out each day this child will live, and every detail of his/her life.  There is no reason or need for me to worry and fret about “what might happen,” or to allow myself to think about all of the “what if’s.”  I am asking God to give me the grace to fully trust Him in His sovereignty, might, and goodness each and every day of this child’s life!

So, as for the nitty gritty details….
I have been SO unbelievably exhausted!!  Especially beginning in week 5.  The nausea started at the end of week 5 – blech!  BUT – I am so thankful for these unpleasant symptoms as I know they mean I have a new sweet little baby growing inside of me!

I went to my first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks, and left that appt feeling weird and unsure of what I was feeling.  As I had time to process everything and let it settle in my mind, I realized I was very unhappy with the new Dr I am going to for this pregnancy.  I did not see her at my appointment (only a nurse), and would not see her until I am 10.5 weeks (that is IF she is there – she has been know to cancel for my appts in the past).  With the high risk nature of my pregnancies, I can’t exactly wait until I am 10.5 weeks to start seeing a Dr.  I was also informed by the nurse that I will rarely see the Dr throughout my pregnancy, and that basically, I’d be lucky if she made it to my birth!!  Wow!  Although she promised me last year that she would be able to give me the care I needed being a high risk pregnancy, I realized that simply is not true.  I am so glad I figured this out early on!  I have decided to go solely to my high risk Dr. whom I feel will give me the best possible care and pay the closest attention to my bloodwork and things that need to be watched throughout this pregnancy.

Oh yes, I am about 7 weeks now, and we are looking to welcome our new little one into this world around September 15th, 2012!!

We are so thankful, and would appreciate your prayers!


  1. You’ll be on my prayes. We also had 2 losses followed by 3 years of infertility before our daughter so I know how you feel. I’m so glad you are trusting that is so hard! Congrats and count on my prayers for this sweet baby and you.

  2. Hi Katie!
    Congratulations!!!! I’ll be praying that you and the baby remain healthy and well and that you have a healthy little one in September! So exciting! I’ll bet big brother and big sister are thrilled. And, at their ages, they will be lots of help too. Great big hugs to all of you!

  3. Soooooooooo excited for you, Katie!  WHAT A BLESSING!!!  (insert happy dance here) 🙂

  4. YAY! So excited for you!

  5. This is such fantastic news!! God Bless you guys.

  6. Prayers for you and baby!

  7. Congratulations!  You will be in our prayers!

  8. Oh girl CONGRATS .. you know you have 100000000% of my prayers…. Safe and Healthy and Ah-May-Zing months ahead of you as you prepare to welcome your little bundle! :o) what a precious miracle! CONGRATS again! Hugs my bloggie friend!

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