Just Gettin’ By…

I know it’s been quiet around here.  I haven’t posted since announcing our BIG News!

I’ve just been exhausted.  And nauseous.  Just trying to get by each day with the bare minimum….feeding the kids, and teaching school.  Cleaning….what’s that again?  Facebook?  Blah!  Even taking pictures?  No thanks!  I just dont feel like anything much that I usually do.  But I know we must press on with our schoolwork, and so I do.  And food…we have to eat…at least the kids do.  I dont always feel much like eating.  I have been so blessed by sweet friends from church who have been helping me feed my family for several meals.  They are such a sweet blessing to me!

Even though I feel pretty icky most of the time, I am so thankful.  I know this first trimester of pregnancy can be tough, and I am looking forward to the second, when hopefully, I will feel more vibrant!  But I know that feeling like this for a little while is producing something wonderful.  A new sweet precious child being added to our family.  It makes it all worth it!

So, although things are quiet on the blog, I am still here, gettin’ by, day by day….and still so overwhelmed with thankfulness for this new precious life God has blessed us with!

Oh – by the way – I have a picture of our little one taken a little over a week ago.

So cute, huh?!  😉


  1. Such a cute little peanut!  Hope you get your mojo back in the 2nd trimester.  The 1st can be so brutal sometimes.   🙂

  2. hope you are feeling better soon….will I see you at the MomHeart Conference?

  3. it’s not too late to register but rooms are sold out….might find someone to room with!

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