We’re Having A….

I can’t believe 2 weeks have already gone by since we found out the gender of our baby – and I haven’t posted about it yet!  My blogging is seriously lacking lately!!

Anyway, most likely you already know, if you follow my blog FB page, personal page on Facebook, or instagram.  But of course I can’t let exciting news like this go unspoken on the blog!!

We are SO excited to be welcoming another sweet little




I had told my husband earlier in this pregnancy that way back when we were trying so long (3 yrs) to conceive, and I would get to the point that I felt it seemed it would never happen….I would have this small little feeling in the back of my mind that one day God was going to give us a baby girl named ______ (we aren’t announcing our name until she’s born!).  It felt like such a crazy thought and it would only come suddenly and unexpectedly when I felt the strongest feelings of  “I just don’t think we will ever be able to have more children.”   So, throughout this pregnancy I had felt we were having a girl, but doubted that feeling a lot, thinking I was totally crazy for my reason on why I thought that!  Such a weird mixed feeling of, “I feel like this is something God seriously put on my heart,” and “I’m totally nuts”!  Anyway, needless to say, I was pretty excited when we heard “It’s a Girl!!”

So here we are, 2 weeks after finding out we’re having a girl, and we just had another sono today.  Everything still looked great  with her, praise the Lord!  I am also feeling her kick a lot now, which is such a comforting, awesome feeling!  We go back again in another 2 weeks for another sono.  My Dr is so sweet and understanding – he is giving me extra  “reassurance” appointments right now, during the part of the pregnancy that is the scariest for me (16-20 weeks).  I was 18.5 today for my appt, and will be 20.5 at my next one!  So thankful for all of the prayers for our sweet baby and for peace for us!  I can feel God answering them!


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