Baby Update – 23.5 weeks

I am so thankful for how this pregnancy has been going!  I will be 24 weeks in just a few days (so, about 6 months along)!!  Woohoo!  It is exciting to be this far along.  I am really able to enjoy this pregnancy now.  I am over the part that was the scariest for me.  Although I know nothing is ever “safe” or guaranteed (other than the fact that God is in control, and I can trust fully in Him, and His perfect will).  I do feel better than I did a few weeks ago (fear-wise).

I am enjoying feeling her kick every day, throughout the day.  She is a pretty active little girl, which makes me so happy!  I am just relishing the time with her kicking away in my belly.

20 weeks, 5 days

On my last baby update post I was 18.5 weeks along, and seeing the dr every 2 weeks for “reassurance” visits.  (My dr is so good to me!).  At my last appointment I was at 20.5 weeks, and everything was still going really well with the baby.  She was already measuring big on the sono (1.1 lbs).  She should have been around 3/4 of a pound at that time.  So, that is pretty normal for me – another big baby!  At that appointment, I told the dr I was fine with going back to a normal 4 week appointment schedule since it was comforting/reassuring enough to be feeling her kicking every day.  Since we are taking a little family vacation, my next appointment will actually be 2 weeks from now, when I am about 25.5 weeks.  I will be having my glucose test at that time too.

On Mother’s Day we went and did a little baby registering.  I thought that would be a fun and exciting way to spend Mother’s Day.  The kids had fun taking turns scanning things, but we only got through one side of the store before everyone was totally worn out!  So, we’ll finish another time.  It was fun seeing how much everything has changed just in the last 8-10 years!  I really have no baby items left except for our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.  It’s the one thing I saved.  So, I need a lot of stuff!!  I am planning to start hitting the garage sales soon to see if I can find any great baby items.  Buying them brand new (especially big items), is just so insanely expensive  for how short of a time period they are used.  So I am trusting God will provide all that we need, without breaking the bank!

That’s about all the baby news I have to share for now!

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