If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle…

Trevor handed me a story he wrote for me this morning…it’s so awesome I had to share it with you all!

If You Give a Pregnant Mom a Pickle

by Trevor (9 yrs old)

If you give a pregnant mom a pickle, she’ll want some ice cream to go with it.  She will look in the freezer and realize she is out of it.  She she will go to the store and buy some.  

She came home and was having contractions, so she lay down and took a nap.  When she woke up she remembered she left the ice cream out.  So she put it in the freezer.  

Then she gets thirsty, drinking water out of her cup reminds her to do the dishes.

When she walked past the freezer to put away the bowl she remembered the ice cream…and chances are she’ll want a pickle to go with it.

The End


  1. That is SO CUTE! Love that kid. 🙂

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