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I’ve tried the school room route, and I’ve tried the kitchen table route.  For us, the school room has worked best.  Having a place dedicated to school, a place we could retreat to for our school time, has made our school years run so much more smoothly.  I know that for some having a whole room just might not be possible, while for others, they prefer schooling at the kitchen table.  I am a firm believer that each family has to find what works best for them!  And for us – it’s a school room!!

In our early years, I had the kids share a bedroom, so our third bedroom could be the school room.  Then we tried the kitchen table one year, but it just didn’t feel right for us.  So, when we started our search for our new home 2 years ago, the top of my list included a game room – aka school room!  It was a non-negotiable for me, a must have!

I love our school room.  I love having a special place to go to for school time.  I love the huge closet that is stacked with books, school supplies, and games.  My husband wanted the room  to also be  a place for hanging out.  He didn’t want it to be 100% school room, and loose all game room qualities.  So our school room triples as a school room/office/family-game room.  We have a “school” area and also a small living/sitting area.  I love having the sitting area, as we spend much of our school time in the sitting area reading, discussing, and praying.  The kids are able to sprawl out on the couch or in a recliner and do their school work in comfort!

And now for the pictures…


The kids desk workspace

Another view of the kids desk, along with my desk/computer learning area

View of part of the sitting area with desks behind it

Another view of sitting area with kids desk, whiteboard and map in background

Workbox area

Inside our school/game closet

Close up of books for this year (that aren’t currently in workboxes)

Other side of closet filled with games



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  1. Your room is lovely! It looks very calm! 


  2. What a great sitting area!

  3. Love the space!  Love the pictures of the books.  Stopping by from the Hop, thanks for sharing. Also – LOVE the fonts on your blog.  

  4. What a great spot you’ve got there! I love everything about your room. Have a great year!

    God Bless,

  5. Love it!!  What a great space to home school.  Thanks for sharing.  Blessings for a great school year!

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