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We have entered our 6th year of homeschooling this year.  It took the first 3 years or so to really find my groove and figure out my “style” for what works best for us in homeschooling routines.  I still don’t have it all figured out.   I have found that I am a focused and driven homeschool mom – while also being relaxed & laid back, and not letting disturbances in the plan bother me.  It is a balance I have found that works really well for us.  Finding balance is always a tough one for me – I tend to go all or nothing.  So, I still go through times of being overly zealous in my planning, as well as times that are a little too relaxed.  But God has taught and helped me so much over these past 5 years, and really shown His grace in my life in the area of balance.  Homeschooling has definitely been a big part of my sanctification!

So what does a typical homeschool day {currently*} look like for us?
(*I say currently knowing that with a baby coming, what our day looks like at the moment will definitely be changing!)

  • The kids and I get up sometime between 7:30 – 8:30.  I don’t make them set an alarm or anything, but usually don’t let them sleep past 9.
  • The kids each have their morning routines and chores to go through and complete each morning before school starts, which usually takes them a good hour – hour and a half.  (Shower, dress, brush teeth, quite times, eat, chores, etc)  While they are doing theirs, I am doing mine.
  •  School time starts at 10 am.  I just recently found this to work well for us this past school year as I am able to get house cleaning done more in the mornings before school, than I am in the afternoons after school  when I am completely spent!
  • We always begin our school day with prayer together in our sitting area in the school room.  Followed by our Bible Study time together.  This is a non-changeable aspect of our school day for me.  I feel the #1 priority in teaching my children is teaching them about God, and my personal conviction is that it would be dishonoring the Lord if I were to skip this part of our school day, or push it back in our day.  I want the Lord to permeate our school days – His Spirit to dwell within us, and our day, so that all we do would bring glory to Him.  I also want the kids to know that this is the most important part of our school day – so we make it a top priority!
  • Next, Trevor gets started with his independent work, while I begin working with Zoe.  Trevor does History, LA, Reading, Geography, Shakespeare, & Research all independently.  Zoe and I work on History, Spelling, English, Poetry, Cursive, and Math together.  While Zoe is doing her independent portion of reading, I do math with Trevor.
  • We break for lunch usually around 1.
  • After lunch we have storytime all-together, followed by Science which is also done all-together.
  • After that Zoe is finished, and if Trevor has any of his independent work still left to do, he will finish it now, and Zoe takes a nap.  (I know it’s sounds crazy – but yes, at 7 years old, she STILL naps – and needs them at least a few times a week!!  She has always been a very sleepy girl!)
  • We are usually completely finished by 3-4pm.  And then it’s quiet time for an hour or so (read or do something quietly in room).  (AKA – Teacher Mommy is ready for a break!!)  Unless, of course, we have something else going on that day….like grocery shopping, library, swim lessons, ballet, karate, etc.

That is our typical homeschool day!  Here are a few more tidbits about our school routine/scheduling:

  • I plan out our week on Sunday evenings.  I take a look at what’s coming up that week on the calendar, and plan our school days/week accordingly.
  • I also do a once a month overview plan and goal list of what I would like us to accomplish in that month.  It’s good to look ahead and evaluate where we are, and how much we’ve accomplished, and have yet to accomplish for the school year, in comparison with our planned breaks and holidays.  I feel this is very necessary in my relaxed approach to schooling through life’s circumstances.  In order to have that balance I talked about at the beginning, I need to plan to be relaxed – if that makes sense!!  Lol!
  • I try to leave one day a week open either for things that come up unexpectedly, or field trips.  If we don’t need that extra day that week, then we do a 5-day schedule for that less busy week.
  • If it is a particularly busy season we are going through, I will stick to the basics and cut out the fluff.  I know it’s a bummer to cut out the fun stuff – but sometimes it has to be done.  I do try to keep the fun stuff in there as much as possible though!


That wraps up this little peek into our homeschool day!

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  1. Katie, Yeah!  I so agree that it takes about three years to find a groove and keeping God first…is so important!  Praying you have a blessed year!

  2. I had just sat down with my hubby last night and went over how I planned to do our homeschooling (I start next week–first day for all of us!) and am shocked that I planned out our day pretty much exactly how you have done yours! Just the encouragement I needed that I can in fact do this 🙂 thank you!!

  3. Great post Katie! Hopefully this school year we will get to know each other! We are starting our 5th year of homeschool with Sydney starting 6th grade. We also start our days with devotionals and it’s the best way to start! I learned the hard way not to skip that part! We start school next Tuesday and I have all my books and supplies but our school room is also a well played in playroom so our goal this week is to get it ready and do a little planning!

  4. Your days look great! We still do quiet time here, too – it’s my sanity saver.

  5. I absolutely agree with making God the first priority, and quiet time in the afternoons ha! Love your schedule, hope you all have a blessed year!

  6. Great schedule – I laughed about getting into the groove…sooo true!!! I’ve enjoyed my visits to your writings which is why I’m passing the Liebster Blog Award on to you. You can go to my blog for more details about the award. Have a wonderful week!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your day. We’re unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers’ lives and meeting them as we travel!

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