Baby Update: 39.5 weeks {Final Pregnancy Update}

I’ve reached the end of my pregnancy, and it’s time to finally meet our sweet baby girl!  I will be heading in tomorrow morning for an induction.  I am super excited, and can’t believe the time has finally come!!

My excitement has been shaded a little by the stress of my doctors’ appointment yesterday.  The dr estimated the baby at 10lbs 8oz on the sono, but said with the inaccuracy of  measurements this late in pregnancy, she could be anywhere from 9-12 lbs.  This doesn’t come as a big surprise to me.  My son was 8-14, and my daughter 9-12.  My sister’s 4 babies have all been around the 10lb mark. My mom had a 10 pounder.  And none of us have had gestational diabetes.  For some reason, we just have big babies.  Oh yeah, and my husband was 10-2!  I’m kind of in for big babies.

Anyway, all that to say….this time around, I am seeing a perinatologist (for my high risk issues).  He of course is trained to look for all possible problems.  And he sees this big baby, combined with my having too much amniotic fluid, as a big problem.  So much so, that he was really pushing for me to have an elective c-section.  He did however give me the option of an induction instead, which is what I went with.  I was induced with Trevor and Zoe as well, and all went well.  He was still very negative towards the idea of inducing though, and seems resigned to the fact that I will end up having a c-section anyway.  I want to avoid that if at all possible!  I was able to have both of my other kids just fine.  My sister has had two 10-6 babies, at home, with a midwife.  I definitely don’t feel like it is physically impossible.  A lot is going to depend on how long he “allows” me to labor before trying to whisk me off for a c-sec.

I sure would appreciate prayers for all to go smoothly!  I don’t like being pressured like that, AND I don’t like confrontation – so it is hard for me to stick up  for myself – especially when I am caught off guard.  Thankfully, my husband isn’t afraid of confrontation – he will be a huge help!

I know, one way or another, I’ll be holding our baby girl tomorrow – and I am SO excited to meet her!

I’ll update with pictures & news as soon as possible!!  (I’ll be posting on my Facebook Page the soonest!)


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  1. Katie – You will definitely be in my prayers! Just remember that God’s plan WILL prevail no matter what you or the doctor’s do. With all that you are going through right now – the pressure and negativity from the doctor and the uncertainty – you seem to have a great outlook. God has given you peace in the matter, I can tell!

    I can’t wait to see pics and hear all about it!


  2. Prayers

  3. Prayers for you! Praying for God’s presence to be with you. Excited to “meet” your little girl!

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