Felicity Kate’s Birth Story {Part 2 – The Conclusion}

{You can read Part 1 of this store here}

It’s driving me NUTS that I haven’t finished this birth story yet!  It’s also driving me nuts that I have been neglecting my blog.  I just have something WAY more fun in my life right now.  She gets quite a bit of my time and attention.  Is it possible to love your baby too much??!  If so – I am totally guilty!

So, as I was saying in Part 1

I went in early Thursday morning (September 13, 2012) to begin my pitocin induced labor at 7am.  However, the nurse had no orders for pitocin.  I would have to wait on the doctor to come in and give the orders to the nurse.  Little did I know, I’d be waiting a few hours, AND have to listen to another spiel from the doctor about why I needed to go ahead and have  that c-section.

Around 10 am the doctor came in to talk with me again.  He really laid the c-section pressure on thick this time. He believed she was going to be huge, and told me his biggest fear was that she would end up with brain damage.  Talk about scary.  Here I am, about to be induced for labor, and the doctor is trying to tell me that going through with a normal delivery could result in brain damage.  And he’s dead serious.  I once again politely tell him that I’d prefer to give the natural delivery a go.  He then turns to the nurse and says, “ok, let it go on record that I am recommending a c-section, and she is choosing not to have one.”  Umm, ok!  What the heck?!!  Then, as he is checking my dilation, he proceeds to tell me his horror story of a 13 pound baby he delivered while in med school.  The nurse, realizing what is happening, scolds him saying, “you’re not telling her horror stories right before she goes into labor, are you?”

So, moving on.  My pitocin is finally started at 10:30am.  I’m just praying to the Lord that He will protect me and the baby from all of the horrible things the doctor warned me about.  I prayed things like, “Lord, you created me, and you created this child I am carrying.  You know what my body can handle, because you made it!!  And I know you are able to help me deliver this baby naturally.  Please help my body to do what you designed it to do.”

Praise the Lord for awesome nurses!!  He gave me 2 amazing nurses that day, and I was so thankful for each of them.  Both of them sweet, Christian women.  Both so wise and skilled at what they do!  Before the doctor had come in to give the orders for the pitocin,  I told my nurse that the doctor was wanting me to have a c-section, but I didnt want one.  She said, “you be honest with him and tell him what you want.  He’ll be honest with you, so you be honest with him.”  It was nice knowing she was in my corner, and helped to give me the extra confidence I needed with the doctor.

Labor was progressing slowly.  My nurse was easy on the pit, not wanting to up it too much, and put too much strain on my uterus (in case I did end up needing the section).  I think they broke my water around 2:30.  After they broke it, I was at a 4-5.  My sweet nurse had to leave at about 6.  Before she left, she decided to feel the baby and give a guess on the weight.  Now that my water had been broken and I didnt have all of that crazy fluid – she could actually feel the baby and guess the weight.  She said, “I think she’s about 9 and a half pounds.  I really believe you can deliver this baby naturally.”  She was so bummed that she wasn’t going to get to be there for the birth, but said she would come and visit me in recovery on Saturday. (And she did!)  Such a sweet, sweet lady!

Anyway, my new nurse, was just as wonderful!  And she was more aggressive with the pitocin, which was a good thing for me, because I needed things to speed up.  My doctor had this sort of 12 hour time limit on me.  He believed it to be too dangerous to let me go longer than that, because if I were to need a c-section after 12 hours, the bleeding from cutting into my uterus would be worse, and more dangerous for me.  And here at shift change, 6:30, I was still at a 5.

With the pitocin being upped, the contractions were becoming much more intense.  I was trying so very hard to make my body relax with each contraction, but could feel that my body was instead tensing up, against my will.  I began to realize the only way I was going to be able to relax, so that my body could dilate, would be to get an epidural.  This same thing had happened with Zoe.  My labor had stalled out at a 5 for a very long time, until I got the epidural, it relaxed me, and I then dilated quickly.  So, I was hoping for a similar outcome with Felicity!

They came in to give me an epidural around 10 pm.  While they were trying to put it in (which took FOR-EV-ER!), my doctor peeked in at about 10:30.  Ding, ding, ding!  It had been 12 hours since the pitocin started.  Times up!!  LOL!  He saw I was getting my epi, and said he’d come back later.  So, he came back in at 11, after the epidural was finally finished and in.   He came over to me, and just stared at me. Didn’t say a word.  Just stared.  So, I stared right back at him.  And waited.  Finally, he said, “well, you know how I feel.”  I said, “well, I just got my epidural in, and I’d like a little more time to see if it helps me relax and dilate.”  He said, “how much is a little more time?”  I thought a minute, then said, “2 hours?”  He said, “ok,” and as he walked out the door, “I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do!.”  Whew!  Thank you Lord!!

The next 30 minutes, as my body was able to completely relax, I laid there and prayed.  “Lord, if it is going to be too dangerous for me or the baby to deliver naturally, please don’t let my body dilate.  But Lord, if I am able to healthily deliver this baby, please help my body to dilate in these next 2 hours.” My nurse decided to kick it into full gear and do all she could do to help me get things going.  She upped the pitocin more, and gave me a giant peanut ball thing to help open my hips.  She also came in and had me switch positions about every 15 minutes.  At midnight, after 1 hour of my epidural, the nurse came in.  The baby’s heart rate kept dipping.  She said she wanted to check my dilation, because that can happen when the baby is close to coming out.  She checked me, and I was already dilated to a 9.  In just 1 hour I had gone from a 5 to a 9!!  Same thing that happened with Zoe!  I was SO thankful!  By 1am (my new deadline with the dr) I was ready and being prepped for pushing.  I did some practice pushing with the nurses, and then they called in the doctor.

It was strange when he came in.  He.was.extreemely.slow.  He seemed to be taking his sweet time as he slowly dressed in his labor gear.  As he was taking his sweet time, my contractions were starting to push the baby out without me even trying!  The nurses squealed a little, and told me not to cough, or laugh, or move!  When the doctor finally sat down to catch Felicity,  I began to push with the next contraction, and on the second push, her head was out.  The rest of her body, (and those shoulders he was so concerned about), just slid right out without a push!  And at 1:33am, our beautiful little Felicity Kate was born.  Just a tiny little 9lbs, 8oz, and 21 inches!  My first nurse had been right on with her weight estimate.

I was so completely overjoyed.  I don’t think I can ever adequately describe the joy of that moment.  My sweet little Corbin and Noah both flashed through my mind as I reached out my arms to hold my sweet little Felicity.  She was here.  She made it!  The Lord so graciously sustained her life, and here she was – in my arms!!  Complete and utter joy and thankfulness.  Thank you Lord!

And now, because a picture is worth a thousand words…I’ll close my birth story with some wonderful pictures my sister took of these special moments!

The kids meeting Felicity for the first time (at 2:30am!!)

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