I Miss Blogging

Life is busy.  Wonderfully busy.  I am enjoying this season, with all of it’s new and exciting changes.  It is so much fun having a baby in our home again.  She is such a joy.  The big kids adore her.  We all adore her.  We lovingly call her our little sunshine.  In fact, I finally decided on a theme for her room.  “Sunshine.”  Slowly, but surely I’m working on creating her sunshine room.  I’ve been collecting some fun ideas on Pinterest for it & hope to get to implementing many more of them soon!!

I’ve ignored my blog for a while for a few reasons.  I have a lot going on.  I’ve also had a lack of desire to do it, and a loss of purpose in why I do it.  Lately, I’ve really been feeling a pull to get back to it.  If nothing else, I at least want to do it for me & our little family of 5 – as a chronicle & journal of our lives.  I love that it can be that, and feel a little disappointed that I have not been using it for that.  I love the thought of keeping a huge life journal with pictures!  I think I sort of lost sight of why I was blogging.  That was one of the big reasons I began blogging.  The other big reason is that I love having a place to talk about God, and the things He is showing me & teaching me.

So, by God’s grace, this blog is going to get back to being a place where I regularly post & chronicle our lives.  It’s good to be back 🙂


  1. I’m glad you’re back, too! 🙂

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