Florida Trip 2013 – Thankful

We are leaving in the morning from a wonderful trip visiting my grandparents here in Florida. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of thankfulness for our time here. I am thankful in so many ways, and for so many reasons.

I am thankful the Lord has provided in all ways, all means for this trip to be possible. His kindness and love for us has been so evident through His protection, His providence, His guidance, His faithfulness, His patience, and His graciousness during our time here.

Reflecting on our time here, I am also so thankful for…

…a husband, who so unselfishly, lovingly, and eagerly, gave freely of his vacation time (when he could have chosen to use it anywhere else) to give me the gift of spending a week with my grandparents. (On more than just this one occasion) It’s sweet time & memories that will last forever in my heart. He is SO good to me!

…my grandparents, whom I love and adore so deeply. I hate that we live so far apart, and am always so blessed by time spent with them.

…the fact that my children will also get to have so many of the sweet memories I have of my grandparents. What a blessing it is that they get to really know and spend time with their great-grandparents.

…the sweet blessing of getting to see my grandparents meet our little Felicity for the first time – and see them interact with her, and her with them. Sweet, sweet memories I will hold onto forever in my heart.

…the overall joy that fills my heart by being with my grandparents, and in their home. All of the wonderful memories from my childhood, of time spent with them, come flooding back – and I am thankful.  Thankful the Lord has blessed me so greatly with these two sweet people in my life.


Eating dinner at my grandparents favorite restaurant in Crystal River, FL – Charlie’s


Walking through the woods together at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park


Standing at a Manatee lookout point with great grandpa at Homosassa Springs


Breakfast one morning with great grandpa and grandma


Grandma getting some Felicity cuddles


Grandpa playing with Felicity

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