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We just returned from one road trip, and are getting ready to hit the road again for the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha!

It was a little last minute, but a few days before we left for our Florida road trip, I threw together a couple of Road Trip Notebooks for the kids.  A little something to use for learning about each state we travel in.   They were to study the state while we were in it, collect info/brochures about the state, read their notebook section about the state, and complete the corresponding activities.  I could have included many more things in there, and I am sure you can find many more ideas out there to add to your own notebook, but here are just a few things I used to get their notebooks started.  (I’ll post links to my resources below the pics)


Outside of their State Notebooks


US Map – they color in the states as they complete the section on each state


Each state has it’s own tab divider


Each state has a couple pages of facts and info

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An extra impromptu drawing 🙂


And finally, in the back of the notebook, each child has a travel journal. They each got to pick out the one they wanted


In that travel journal, I wrote a few journal writing prompts…some ideas of things they could write about in their travel journals 🙂


In that travel journal, I wrote a few journal writing prompts…some ideas of things they could write about in their travel journals 🙂



Even with this small start to our notebooks, I am amazed at all the kids learned while on our road trip!  They are still saying things like, “Hey, there’s a Magnolia!  That is the state flower of Louisianna AND Mississippi!!”

I love finding ways to pour knowledge into the kids through everyday things.  A road trip in and of itself can be such a great learning experience – but it just makes it that much more edulcational to add some extra learning along the way.  How fun to learn about the states while you are driving through them, and/or visiting them!  If you can handle reading in the car, another great idea would be to do some read-alouds of either historical fiction, fiction, or biography of something/someone that took place in the area you are traveling to.

We are looking forward to adding three more states to our notebooks while on our trip to Nebraska!

(FYI – my kids are 10.5 & 8.5, and the info & activities I included in their notebooks was perfect for their ages.  There are so many great resources out there that you could easily create a notebook for your younger ones, or older children!)


  1. Great post!!

  2. Road trips are not only a ton of fun, but they can be great learning opportunities for the kids! Thanks for sharing!

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