What God Taught Me at the Teach Them Diligently Convention

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We arrived home Sunday evening from the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this convention was for our family.

Our whole family was able to go, which was so wonderful for us all to spend this time together.  We road tripped up there & enjoyed staying in downtown Omaha, which was a really nice area.  The Lord was gracious in helping Felicity to do really well on the trip and at the hotel.


Our family with Pam Tebow

Some of the great speakers we had the blessing of hearing were: Voddie Baucham, Elyse & Jessica Fitzpatrick, Jon & Ann Dunagan, Heidi St. John, Todd Friel, Pam Tebow, Lou Priolo, & Ken Ham.  (We will be buying sessions because we missed SO many great ones – it was SO hard to choose who to go hear next!!)

By the end of the day on Saturday, my husband said to me, “I thought I was coming to this conference for you, to give you the homeschool encouragement you need.  I didn’t realize how much God was going to use this conference to change me!”  Needless to say, he was just as much (if not more) encouraged by this conference as I was!  He is so sweet to always be concerned for my care and encouragement in this Homeschool journey.  I am so thankful for the blessing of such a caring, supportive husband.

Our big kids also had a wonderful time attending the “Battle For Truth” kids program – sort of like a 2-day VBS.  Even though Trevor was reluctant about going at the beginning, they ended up loving it. They met some new friends, and had fun learning about God.  Trevor said, “It was so great, I didn’t want to leave!”  Zoe said she really enjoyed the Bible studies and singing songs to God.  I was so grateful for a program for the kids so they could enjoy the convention too, and not be bored to tears following us around to all of our speakers all day.  🙂

I heard and learned so much while at the convention.  But out of all the great things I learned, here is what the Lord truly and deeply pressed on my heart while there:

  • Making a schedule is a good thing – it just needs to be a flexible one: I’ve done both sides of the pendulum in this – too rigid, and too flexible – it needs to be balanced.
  • Don’t use the conputer/ipad/iphone during (non-independent) school time; give the kids my undivided attention:  Been guilty of this too many times.  It’s not good.  It can create frustration in the kids, and will ultimately drag out our day too long.  The kids deserve to have all of me during (non-independent) school time.
  • Don’t let the kids start school before we’ve had our Bible study time together:  This was a non-negotiable when I started homeschooling.  It is the #1 most important part of our school day, and I knew the Lord wanted me to always keep this at the beginning of our school day.  Lately, I have let it slip farther into our day.  No more!
  • Parenting needs to be Gospel centered:  remind kids of Gospel daily
  • Get rid of clutter: Physical clutter in the home – and also time clutter.  Getting rid of the physical clutter will help clear my mind so I can be more productive with all of my responsibilities.  I also need to clear our the things that clutter up my time.
  • Get on my knees and pray for direction from the Lord for the next school year.  What does the Lord want our next school year to look like?  What curriculum does He want us to use?  What things does He want us to focus on.  Stop being self-reliant in this area.
  • Make relationship with God my #1 priority.  Enough said!
  • Schedule Blogging in it’s proper place/priority in my life – but only as God leads.  Don’t force it.  When God opens doors (i.e. gives me things to write about, or blogging opportunities) – walk through them.  But when He closes that door, don’t try to force it back open.  

And that sums up our time at the Teach Them Diligently Convention!  What a blessed time!  Now, we are just praying the Lord continues to work these things into our lives, and gives us the daily grace to live them out!  So thankful for our time there, and for all the Lord is doing through this conference.  I keep thinking about all the lives that must have been changed and encouraged this past weekend, and over this whole month at each of the TTD conventions.  I am truly thankful for this conference.  God is using it in wonderful ways!

If you would like to get a taste of the TTD convention on a smaller scale – check out one of the TTD Marketplaces coming to 9 locations all over the US!!  I’ll be attending the one in Dallas – hope to see you there!




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